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 General rules

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General rules Empty
PostSubject: General rules   General rules EmptySat Nov 10, 2012 6:03 pm

1. Since this is a Dinosaur Rpg we will let you know that you make your dinosaurs behave as realistically as possible, so no anthropomorphism and no talking dinosaurs(this is NOT the Land Before Time!).
2. No curse words of any kind will be tolerated. There may be older teens playing out here, but don't curse.
3. No advertising outside of the Advertising Section! This results in an instant ban!
4. Be original with your custom characters, any character found being not yours will result in the deletion of your account.
5. There is a minimum word count of 30 words per post. Please follow that!
6. You can have as many characters as you want, as long as you keep them active.
7. The only non-playable characters or NPCs you may use are rival dinosaurs.
8. No god-modding - this refers to using unrealistic scenarios and features to make your dinosaurs more powerful than any other out there.
9. No magic - this kind of foolishness will not be tolerated by any means!
10. There are 16 contestants in every tournament(eighth-finals, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals) and only one will win.
11. Do not kill your opponent to end a fight. It must be done with a knockout move.
12. You may develop your character's personal life, but he must be a dinosaur fighter, or else - zip!
13. Even if you have a strong villain, wreaking havoc on the arena or anywhere else is strictly forbidden, because the focus of the game are dinosaur fight tournaments, not global crusades!
14. Using emoticons is tolerable out of character, but restricted to 15.
15. Using emoticons in character is frivolous and distracting, and hence forth, is forbidden. We at JFC take role-playing seriously and don't approve of such childishness.
16. Characters may curse, but make sure that the curse word is censored, forr the sake of the site's reputation.
17. No meta-gaming: Refers to a character acting on knowledge that only the player has access to.(Exp: Tricking Medusa to look at a mirror. The player knows this, but his character has never heard of Medusa and shouldn't be aware of her petrifying stare)
18. No auto-hitting: This is when a role-player performs a move without giving details in what happens.
(Example:*walks to lake* instead of: *He heads to the lake slowly, looking around uneasily*
or *cuts off head* or *He swings his sword toward his neck, aiming to cut his head off*)
19. Death is final: Once your character dies it cannot return to life.
20. If you want to kill a character, have a motive. You can't kill anyone for the sake of killing someone as it makes no sense. If one character desires to kill another character, both players must agree that the character will be killed.

These rules are for everyone - members and staff alike.
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General rules
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