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 Clark Adams

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PostSubject: Clark Adams   Wed Jan 09, 2013 10:48 pm

Name: Clark Adams
Gender: male
Age: 38
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 6ft
Nationality: American
Appearance: Clark is often seen wearing a old styled gangster outfit in a suit. He has dark brown hair. He's also about 6 ft tall
Personality: Being a former member of the Mafia, Clark can be seen with a serious attitude sometimes. He may act like a criminal that he use to be, But that's no the case anymore. He's trying to get out of his ways of crime. If mad, Clark will fight anyone who does make him mad.
Strengths: adventurous, fair, noble
Weaknessess: his past, like Luther Von Mayhem's attack on his former Mafia members
Profession: Former member of the Mafia
Hobbies: dinosaurs, taking walks, dressing snazzy
JFC Experience: 8 months
Biography: Clark was born in Chicago during a time when the Mafia was now at large. He was meant to be raised into that lifestyle by his father & family but figured they'd introduce him to that when he was older. As he got older, the money from the family got him into a high ranking college, where he met Luther Von Mayhem. He & Luther was put in a science experiment where tthe lab blew up where Clark got out safelly, but sadlly, Luther never made it out & was presumed dead. After those events, he went back to the family & organization where he was soon excepted into the ranks of the Mafia. So ever since, Clark made a name for himself for a couple years. But soon, Luther Von Mayhem, now called "Dr.Mayhem", returns once more & begins targeting every Mafia, crime organization in the world, including Clark Adams & his group. After that, the Mafia disbanded for their own safety, dividing their numbers to keep out of sight. Ever since, Clark Adam's has remained low & on the run from whatever authorities are after him. Now he has plans to try & give up the life of crime & turn to a good citizen. & his first step was when he was introduced to JFC by a few advertisements & wants to have his own dinosaurs to battle with. He has receied his very first dinosaur when he got interested, a female T-rex named Queen. He has, & still is, training her & training his girlfriend, Sarah Denvers, to help become a dino fighter. Guiding her, he hopes to see her win her first tournament as well.
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Clark Adams
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