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 Dr. Luther Von Mayhem (Doctor Mayhem)

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PostSubject: Dr. Luther Von Mayhem (Doctor Mayhem)   Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:44 am

Name: Luther Von Mayhem
Gender: Male
Age: >Unknown<
Zodiac: >Unknown<
Height: 6' 5"
Nationality: Central European
Appearance: As far as appearances go, Luther Von Mayhem is truly a sinister & evil looking individual. This diabolical man wears a coating of armor underneath his clothing to provide protection. As the rest of his clothing goes, he mainly wears many dark shakes & colors. He wears a long, black coat with a black belt around him that also holds a gun holster with a German Luger pistol, though he only uses it for rare occasions. He also wears black pants ending with military type boots. Much of his clothing is mainly to make the man look dark & evil with a sense of terror. Yet at the same time, it also builds upon his royalty & nobility. He wears an extremely long, dark green cape that can extend to over 6 feet long, which is attached thanks to 2 silver bolt, as well as a hood over his head. Luther Von Mayhem also wears bits & pieces of armor throughout his body. Such as two armor plated knee pads & two gauntlets. As well as a steel plate along the side of his elbows. Finally, Mayhem is always seen with a iron made mask over his face. Though the villain actually wears 2 masks. One mask resembles a ski mask in appearance, but this mask is the very same one he wore after a horrible accident in which scarred & burned his face. He wore this mask to help both hide & bandage his injured face but unfortunately, the mask remained unmovable because the skin in which tried to heal had now become attached to his skin. Removing it would result in serious traumatizing pain & rip the very skin from his face. His final mask is the one he is always seen in, the iron mask. In which he now claims to be his true face or "The face of Dr. Mayhem." Also, he is sometimes seen with a large broad sword in which eh keeps in his displays & often uses for combat.
Personality: Luther Von Mayhem is truly a dark, twisted, sinister & evil man. Among the most sinister men in all of mankind, Mayhem is as evil & twisted as he is intelligent & manipulative. His villainous nature spreads far & wide as does his reputation as the Monarch of the Central European empire, in which he rules with an iron fist & an established monarchy. Most of the time, he plots for domination & plans to wipe out the plague of crime off the face of the earth & rule over all. To eliminate the weak world leaders & to create a perfect unified country & utopian empire. Though his deeds & actions are considered dark & inhuman, he always states that no matter what he does, be I the death of a person or the destruction of a city, he always states that "it is for the greater cause. For the greater good." Over the years, Mayhem has shown to have a monstrous ego. Believing that he is above both the laws of man & the world & believing he is better then everyone. That all men grovel under him through the very mention of his name. He is extremely arrogant, & is unable to except his own failures. But despite this, Mayhem has shown to be a master of science. Being one of the smartest men in all the world, Mayhem has used his intellect to construct many devices in which he uses for hos goals.
Strengths: Genius level intellect, master of dinosaur combat, diplomatic immunity, master sword fighter
Weaknesses: Arrogant, short tempered, supercilious, egotistical, his imperfection & scars, the shear memory of his parents
Profession: Ruler & Monarch of the Central European Empire & it's capital, Devolstadt
Hobbies: Brutal dinosaur fights, plotting against enemies, creating plans of conquest, showing off & proving his superior intellect, sword fighting
JFC Experience: 7 years
Biography: Born in the kingdom of The Central European Empire, a vast newly formed country made from portions of neighboring countries like Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic & Poland, Luther Von Mayhem is part of a royal bloodline of rulers & kings who have both founded & have since ruled the empire for centuries. He was raised & educated by his loving mother & father, who ruled the land justly as King & Queen. Being their only child, young Luther was raised & highly educated in the ways of the family & the kingdom so that one day he would inherit the throne & become a successful king. In fact, as he would discover later in his life, he is also a distant cousin to Curt Von Doom, the current ruler of Latveria. During his younger education, he took an interest in dinosaurs & other fields such as chemistry, exc. He even wished he had a real dinosaur as a pet one day. He loved his parents very much & in return, they loved their only child as well. They lived in a happy family & everything seemed to be turning toward a right future for young Luther. But alas, not all was as it seemed. In the near future, chaos struck the empire. As the local Mafia plotted to overthrow the royal family & thus started a rebellion. The King & Queen, both knowing that their son needed to escape & survive the chaos, soon made a plan to send their son away to get away from the chaos. So that the royal line would continue with him & that someday, he would return to reclaim the throne & return the kingdom to peace as the new King. So with the help of their royal servant, Theo, young Luther Von Mayhem was sent away for his own safety to the United Kingdom where he escaped the chaos & would live on for a good portion of his days.
Thus, Young Luther never saw his parents again...........What became of them........No one will ever know.
After escaping the chaos of his homeland, Luther Von Mayhem spent the rest of his days growing up in England of the United Kingdom. Where he would remain to build his vast education. However, Mayhem had now began to go under a cycle that would eventually lead him to where he is now. He had begun to show many changes in his personality & over all views. Thus, he had taken the first step toward his long trek in his change to the villainous "Dr. Mayhem" of today. Luther became more of a vengeful individual. After he learned that his former home had now fallen, he assumed that his family was either exiled......Or killed. From the moment he discovered such a tragedy, he swore vengeance upon all who made his once sweet life miserable & vowed he would be rid of the plague of crime! Which set his future plans of domination into motion. During his teenage & onto his college years, he spent most of his time building upon his vast education. Excelling in the fields of science. From his vast education, he had proven that, even at an early age, had a incredibly gifted intellect & would eventually prove to be one of the smartest men in all the world. This gifted mind soon granted him with a further education & a scholarship to Oxford University. There, Luther Von Mayhem built upon his education even further & was highly respected throughout the college. But throughout his life there, he retained his status quo as the prince of a former king, thus granting him nobility & royalty. This fact alone caused him to demand respect more then anything, thus giving him a rather monstrous ego of himself. Though he would never forget what put him here in the first place & never forgetting his vow for vengeance. But soon, his path to the villain he is today set in motion & from this time in college, he met his soon-to-be sworn enemy- Clark Adams, who at the time was a soon-to-be member of the Mafia in America. The very moment Luther Von Mayhem laid eyes upon him, he developed a rather strong & unbearable dislike about him. As if he himself knew he was going to be part of the crime syndicate. Something he despised the most in this world. War, crime, plagiarism. They all seemed to be reflecting off Clark Adam's in his eyes. He wanted nothing to do with him at all & would scorn him whenever Clark uttered a single word to him.
But fate was not so kind to Mayhem. One fateful day, the two were pared up for a science experiment. Mayhem, of course, thought himself as the superior of the two & knew he could do the project himself. But the two tried to work together as much as possible. The experiment turned out to be a rather risky & dangerous one. For Mayhem had discovered a brand new element & a possible unlimited power source. One in which he specifically named "Electron Fusion." An element combining many types of radiation with electromagnetism & combining fusion based energy sources. Mayhem calculated that such limitless energy could give an entire city & nation enough energy to last a decade. The possibilities of further calculations & of other uses were endless. So the experiment was underway, as a small reactor was made to create & harness the energy. During this, Mayhem went through many measures to see this experiment succeed & did whatever it took no matter the consequence. But he also saw that Clark Adam's was aware of this & thus thought Mayhem to be more of an twisted & insane individual. Seeing that Mayhem may have made some miscalculations while in this stage of devotion to his own work. But Mayhem completely ignored him & stated that he was weak minded! Unable to go beyond the human limits & explore more. But at that moment......A tragedy occurred. One that would change Luther Von Mayhem's life forever.
The experiment suddenly went a-wire & exploded for an unknown reason, even though it could be assumed it was from a small miscalculation on Mayhem's part. But the explosion soon set fire to the college. Causing panic & chaos once more. An evacuation was ordered to everyone. In the same room of the explosion, Clark Adams made it out safely.........But Mayhem did not. He was trapped in the fires of the explosion & thus was severally burned & scared. He never made it out of the building as it collapsed in the flames. Even more strange, the body was never found. From that day forward, Luther Von Mayhem, the heir to the throne of the Central European Empire, was presumed dead.
Or was he?

No.....He was far from dead. For he had survived. But with a terrible price. Because of the fire & the accident, Luther Von Mayhem's face was forever burned, scarred & disfigured. He placed a mask over his face to bandage his scars & to hide his face. But was never able to take it off because the skin eventually grew & became attached to the mask, as he was never able to take t off. He hid himself from the rest of the world for a considerably long time & went into hiding. But what's worse is that fact that he blames Clark Adams for what happened & still does to this day! He believed he sabotaged the experiment because he felt jealous for his superior mind, & wanted to get him out of the picture forever. Which also made him believe that he may have had some ties with the end of his family when he was a child. But whatever reason he believed, the accident took a heavy toll on Mayhem, as he was now more psychotic then ever before! He had turned into an egotistical, power hungry madman & now seeks vengeance on Clark Adams! He eventually found out that Adam's was indeed linked to the Mafia & thus made Mayhem even more furious & vengeful! So he decided that now was the time! Now, he had to take action! The time to act & to claim back what was his was now! From that point, he then began to construct his plans & thus gave himself a new identity with the construction of a new mask or a new "face" as he called it. A mask made of iron, Mayhem immediately placed the mask upon his face after it's construction, swearing that he would never again take the mask off & thus set his plans into motion. From that moment, Luther Von Mayhem was forever lost! In his place, a diabolical Tyrant bent on domination!
& Thus Doctor Mayhem was born!

After taking his new identity, he soon set his goals & plans into motion. His first mission was to take back what was his a long time ago: His country! He returned to the Central European Empire & it's capital, Devoltstadt, to reclaim the throne! The country was plagued by the crime syndicate & the same people who had taken his home from Mayhem. But the Heir to the throne soon returned & confronted them all. Where an blood filled battle took place. But Mayhem eventually rose victorious, ridding his land from the syndicate, killing ever last member & thus restoring his land back to how it used to be. Much blood was shed on that day, but as he always says, "their blood shed was a necessary cause. For when their blood spilt......The flowers blossomed."
After reclaiming his home land, he then set his last plan into motion- to rid the world of crime & chaos & establish a world order. As he now believed that the worlds leaders were too corrupted & only one such as himself should deserve the right to lead humanity, & thus create a utopian empire. He would do whatever it took to reach his cause, no matter how much bloodshed was required. He also swore to claim his vengeance upon his sworn enemy, Clark Adams, whom he swore would hang & burn for what he did to him. Now with his royal power & with much more diplomatic power at his side, Mayhem will stop at nothing until his goals are reached. Constantly haunted by his own imperfection, & of the modern day world, Luther Von Mayhem seeks to create a perfect world! To wipe the plague of crime & war off the earth & to eliminate the world leaders in which he despises & is constantly disgusted of!
But now, Luther Von Mayhem see's a new possibility to reach his goals. Ever since the opening of the JFC tournaments & the creation of dinosaurs, Mayhem now believes that he may be able to take this to his use. Thus, he began to create his very own dinosaurs & would soon take part of the tournaments to show his own mastery of dinosaur combat to the world. Over his career, he has won many battles & tournaments & now see's a new possibility in his eyes. By taking over the dinosaurs, he could create an army to use for his own goals & purposes. Now, with his goals set forth once more, Luther Von Mayhem plots against his enemies & all who defy his new order. Plotting to take his rightful place in the world....The Rightful place he was always meant to have!
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Dr. Luther Von Mayhem (Doctor Mayhem)
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