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 The HYDRA Fortress

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The HYDRA Fortress Empty
PostSubject: The HYDRA Fortress   The HYDRA Fortress EmptyWed Jan 16, 2013 5:26 am

The HYDRA Fortress 16182_402612006476421_757865494_n
A region of the world shrouded in complete mystery ever since the end of WW2, 1945, the location of this massive fortress is unknown to the rest of the world & all those who discover it.....Never last long & never live to tell about it. Located in the unknown & mountainous regions of Germany, the fortress is the main strong hold of the terrorist organization known to the world as HYDRA! Led by the evil & villainous Friedrich Schmidt- The Red Skull! The massive black tower stands tall in the air like a dark spear in the air! The entire area is covered in a vast field of fog that stretches for five hundred yards. Covering the Fortress from complete view & even satellite view. It is believed that the fortress was constructed centuries ago by a powerful army of conquerors. The massive, castle like structure stands upon a mountainous terrain where life has no meaning & where there is no spec of green for miles. The fortress itself stands upon a large chasm, surrounded by a large lake underneath. Hear in the main head quarters of HYDRA, The Red Skull reigns supreme with all his evil & hatred! It is here where he & the rest of HYDRA create their plans for a new world order. It is also here where HYDRA succeeded in creating their very first dinosaurs & thus started the plan to take control of all dinosaurs. To make them "The Perfect Saurians!" The fortress alone is heavily guarded & defended at all times! Stationed with a 24 hour guard duty & advanced weapons technology to ward off intruders. The fortress is consisted in four different areas. The main area of the tower is the entrance & the gathering hall of the HYDRA forces. Dedicated to their military advancements & training as well as an arena to train their dinosaurs. The upper portion of the fortress is where the Red Skull's office & quarters reside. Where the evil man plots his new plans to rule the world! The last section of the fortress, the underground levels, is dedicated to their scientific research, where several large laboratories reside & where many weapons are created along with their own dinosaurs!
But lastly, on the very top of the fortress, lies a vast Coliseum where dinosaur battles take place. Here, outsiders & those who challenge The Red Skull himself come here to engage in an all out, no holds bared fight with their dinosaurs. A tournament in which the challenger, in the end, will face the leader of HYDRA himself! There are a total of Ten matches in the tournament & each one only gets harder as you advance. . The rules of JFC apply to these matches while the rules of HYDRA island also apply here as well. First, you must pick one & ONLY one dinosaur to use for the battle. You must use that single dinosaur in all the matches. Choose wisely. Secondly, if you loose.....Then you loose the tournament completely. Without any second chances. Often times the Red Skull will make bargains in the tournament. Should you loose, then you must complete the end of the bargain, no matter the price. If one refuses, then HYDRA will hold you prisoner until you do so! Thus, those who loose shall pay a price! The cost will be dearly & it will be followed by the word & law that is HYDRA! Challengers who loose shall have the option to pay a price to the organization! The loosers, those who foolishly challenge the organization must either surrender to the will of HYDRA & from there, do whatever bidding we desire (From there we will decide your freedom if such thing shall be available), or you are to be taken with your dinosaurs as prisoners! Your only way out is if another challenger wishes to win & seek your freedom along with your dinosaurs! From which HYDRA will have full access to use as we please. Pray it is not you...
Outsiders are strictly forbidden! Those who trespass will suffer the wrath of the Red Skull & by the hand of HYDRA! You venture here at your own peril. Beware.....
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The HYDRA Fortress
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