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 Burt Gummer

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Curt Von Doom


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PostSubject: Burt Gummer   Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:35 pm

Name: Burt Gummer
Gender: male
Age: 50
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 6 ft
Nationality: American
Appearance: Burt is a 6 ft tall man that can usually be seen in a military outfit 90% of the time. He's very hansome for his age. He's also seen with sunglassess.
Personality: Burt's personality is based on his experience in the military & when he use to hunt the graboids in his younger dayss. He can be serious at times when it comes to the safety of people. He likes to show off his wide variety of weaponry that can be found in his basement. He can be kind to others at times. He also can be hot tempered at times as well.
Strengths: noble, authority, kind, generous
Weaknesses: paranoid, hot tempered at times
Profession: former US Armed soldier now mostlly retired when he's not JFC fighting
Hobbies: hunting, army, dinosaur fights
JFC Experience: 10 months
Biography: Although very little is known about Burt's past, it has been hinted that he might've been involved in the military, and at the very least possesses extensive knowledge of military history, tactics, and protocol. Burt has also had an affection for guns since middle-school, evidenced by his telling Desert Jack that he "converted his BB gun to automatic by the eighth-grade." While he is very fond of his firearms, he is also strict about personal safety and care in the handling of firearms. Burt settled in the town of Perfection with his wife, Heather (who left him sometime later on), sometime before Tremors 1, a site they chose tactically due to its geographic isolation. It was later revealed in Tremors 4, however, that his ancestor Hiram Gummer inherited a silver mine in the town, and went on to marry the local town-mistress. Stampede Entertainment's official website states that Hiram and his wife left in 1902 for San Francisco after a disagreement with Nevada bureaucrats over the date of the town's founding, and never returned. It may also simply be that Burt inherited the land, and given the choice, Burt & Heather located themselves in Perfection for the "geographic isolation". Whether there is any direct connection between these events and Burt's choice to move to Perfection is unknown, but prior to the events of Tremors 3, Burt did possess an inheritance of silver bars from Hiram's ownership of the mine . This massive inheritance also explains Burt's extensive weaponry and supplies, though some of the weapons may have been inherited as well, as Hiram developed a fondness for firearms over the course of Tremors 4. After the extinction of the vicous graboids & such 20 years ago, he has taken an interest in JFC & bought as well as trained 5 dinosaurs, all named after the different stages of the graboid life cycle, even a white Stegosaurus named El Blanco, who was an albino graboid that died around the same time as the extinction of the species. He's been in no tournaments yet, but is planning to in the future.
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Burt Gummer
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