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 Perfection Valley, Nevada

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Perfection Valley, Nevada Empty
PostSubject: Perfection Valley, Nevada   Perfection Valley, Nevada EmptySat Jan 26, 2013 4:15 am

Perfection Valley, Nevada Perfec10

Perfection Valley is the geographical region in Nevada where the ex-silver mining town of Perfection, formally Rejection, is located. It is around 50 miles long and 10 miles wide. Situated Northwest of Las Vegas, toward Carson City, but it’s not very near either one. The edges of the isolated region consist of solid granite mountains to east and west, cliffs to the north and a rock ridge to the south. In theory, these factors should keep dinosaurss from leaving the area. What kept the dinosaurs from escaping the valley is rough mountainous terrain where the dinosaurs can't climb over, as the entrance is blocked off to the dinosaurs with a fence, except when it opens to let visitors & tourists in. Hard sandstone, which the Graboids can’t penetrate would have greeted and killed them.It also keeps the Mixmaster compound from spreading. Thanks to Melvin Plugg it increasingly faces the threat of further development by man a fact that a group of protesters tried to do something about. Also theoretically, to the north there is a popular nesting site for Ass Blaster's due to the fact that Graboids always approach Perfection from the north, keeping the valleys bio sphere relatively isolated. Anyone is welcome, but you have to know how to survive if you go alone as all animals are free roaming in this reserve type reigon.
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Perfection Valley, Nevada
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