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 Dinosaur Region and Secret Base of Roland Kane

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John Hammond

John Hammond

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PostSubject: Dinosaur Region and Secret Base of Roland Kane   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:38 pm

Australia looks barren and mostly desert, but looks can almost always be deceiving to the naked eye. For in the northern territory of Australia, a great circular shaped ravine cuts off a large expanse of pristine tropical forests from a great many humans. The area is many miles long and is mostly tropical forest and a few Australian deserts, the perfect environment for dinosaurs. And here, unlike any other place on earth, this environment has no fences or barriers...the ravine is a natural barrier that keeps the dinosaurs in the area and they roam freely. But the picture above shows that many of the dinosaurs stay around the compound where Kane stays for most of the day. It is here where his black ops soldiers also stay, protecting their leader from anyone who tries to take Kane, although the soldiers are the least of those who are foolish enough to try to venture to this dinosaur infested region. You can come at your own peril.
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Dinosaur Region and Secret Base of Roland Kane
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