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 Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary

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Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary Empty
PostSubject: Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary   Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary EmptyMon Feb 04, 2013 6:03 am

Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary 792368_432204650183823_1608653395_o
Geographically, & historically, Genosha is an uncharted & non-recorded island shrouded in complete mystery from the rest of the world. Discovered & named by Eric "Magnus" Mendes, the island is only known to his family & very few others. Many believe that the island is myth....Others claim it is the true Lost World. While others claim it to be a "Savage Land." But in truth, Genosha is one of the most peaceful islands with it's superb & natural beauty. A "Dinotopia", as some would call it. It is in fact the only place in all the world in which prehistoric plant life have survived for millions of years. Creating the perfect, all natural environment for dinosaur life. The island expands for 5000 square miles & is surrounded by a series of mountains & dangerous peeks. All to protect the natural prehistoric environment from other world events, climate hazards & from the catastrophic changes the planet has gone through for millions of years. The island itself is found in the Indian Ocean near the island of Madagascar & India. Scientists speculate that millions of years ago, in the dinosaur age, a piece of land was separated from Madagascar most likely from seismic/volcanic activity. The island remained separated for over 100 million years, preserving all the prehistoric fauna from the dinosaur era & it's natural geography. With it's swamps, open plains, jungles & mountainous terrains, Genosha is a natural paradise. Such is the reason why Eric "Magnus" Mendes, the founder of the island, decided to make this the safe haven for all dinosaurs. To create the perfect paradise for all dinosaurs & prehistoric creatures & to escape the world & the threat Magnus believes to be man himself- the very threat that endangers them. It has no human security & no fencing. It is all guarded & protected by it's own natural geography. However Magnus has established a sense of order upon the island & it's honorary visitors. There are a number of different facilities on the island & with the help of his guards & staff in the palace. Two of them, on different sides of the island, are the docking, & visitor facilities. But near the center of the island lies a large "City" surrounded with waterfalls. Nicknamed "Waterfall City", it is here where Magnus's grand Palace resides. The Palace is also home to a stadium for training his elite dinosaurs, as well as the dinosaurs of his two daughters. This is the safe haven of the dinosaurs. The "Promise Land" for all dinosaurs in the eyes of Magnus. It is the largest, non-human made dinosaur preservation in the world with species ranging from the Triassic times, to the Cretaceous. The island is also home to other Mesozoic creatures such as pterosaurs & marine reptiles. Genosha is guarded & protected heavily by Magnus himself. Outsiders & uninvited guests are forbidden & unwelcomed! Those who come to spread ruin to the island or do not follow the established laws of the island will suffer the consequences by the hand of Magnus himself!
Welcome.....To the great Dinosaur haven......Welcome.....To Genosha.

Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary 404499_432077443529877_1903651816_n
Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary 734359_432054853532136_638913813_n
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Genosha- The Private Dinosaur Sancuary
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