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 The Lost Desert

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PostSubject: The Lost Desert   The Lost Desert EmptyThu Feb 07, 2013 12:02 am

The Lost Desert 538068_432922003445421_1281918673_n
Throughout the world many deserts are vast & dangerous. But none compare to the dangers & mysteries that lie in the land known as the Lost Desert. A land of pure mystery. A land where danger lurks at every corner & behind ever sand dune. It is a harsh & unforgiving land, dominated by a vast stretch of sand, cliffs & mountains as far as the eye can see. Stretching from as far west of Arabia to the Sahara of Africa. The desert is one of the hottest in all the world with temperatures soaring to nearly 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But at night, it's at it's most cruel & it's cold. Temperatures can go down to as much as below 30 degrees. There is hardly a drop if not any water for miles around, but only a few patches of desert oasis are scattered for miles. No mere man dares venture to this treacherous land without facing it's unforgiving dangers & perils & only those deemed worthy or brave enough have a chance to survive. Otherwise......None may last long.
But it is, nonetheless, a land of legend. For it is here where the infamous legend of the King of Thieves & the 40 Thieves was born. It is here where the legendary man rides eternally upon it's sands. Searching for new adventures & appears when he is called. Legend has it that the King of Thieves rides on even today amongst shadows & sands of the desert. Along with his new band of dinosaurs. Wherever Gassim should go, his dinosaurs are not far behind. For he rides with them. Racing across the desert with his band of dinosaurs. Here. Gassim A'rugbah reigns supreme. These are his lands. This harsh desert is also home to a secret hideout in which he & the 40 thieves once kept themselves. A ancient desert temple made from an ancient civilization long ago. It is in this very temple where the King of Thieves thrives. Keeping it under his watch & protection. It is his only home & sancuary. & legends say that somewhere....Hidden in the deepest, darkest dungeons of the temple, lies a vast mountain of treasure & gold that can turn peasants into kings.........But all those who seek this treasure, must first face the King of Thieves himself. Do you have what it takes to venture forth this treacherous land & challenge the King of Thieves himself?
But beware & tread carefully. Those who dare to venture into the harsh & unforgiving land, those who seek adventure & treasures.....may become lost forever in the sands.......& will find nothing but death.
So come on down....Stop on by.....On a Carpet & fly.......To another Arabian night.
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The Lost Desert
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