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 The Latverian Embassy

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Curt Von Doom

Curt Von Doom

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The Latverian Embassy Empty
PostSubject: The Latverian Embassy   The Latverian Embassy EmptySun Nov 11, 2012 12:25 am

The Latverian Embassy Tumblr_mazub9hzkA1r1omkt
Built in the center of New York City. The Latverian Embassy is Curt's go to time when he wants time alone or plots evil plans for his enimies. The Embassy used to belong to Curt's ancestor, Victor Von Doom, & it still stands tall. Guards patrol all over because this is a dinosaur museum with a hotel & his mansion built in with it, the hotel contains 100s of rooms while the mansion itself has at least 20 rooms. The back of the Embassy contains a swimming pool with a playground for children & a place to train dinosaurs at.
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The Latverian Embassy
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