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 Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility)

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Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility) Empty
PostSubject: Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility)   Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility) EmptyFri Mar 01, 2013 9:11 pm

Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility) Tumblr_lvl3n5x4li1r7bnmto1_500
The Five Deaths (Las Cinco Muertes in Spanish) is a chain of five Costa Rican islands 200 miles southwest of the mainland. Costa Rica has sovereignty and ownership of the islands. They are named Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Pena, Isla Sorna and Isla TacaƱo. But it is Isla Muerta that Charles Weyland chose to purchase for his plan to create an island where dinosaurs could be studied and roam freely.
After its purchase, Weyland's personal began swift construction of the "Rebirth" facility, with its location being built along side the largest lake of the island.
Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility) Military_base
Heavily guarded by Weyland Yutani soldiers and with dinosaurs roaming freely, few visitors escape alive without being escorted.
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Weyland Yutani "Rebirth" Industries (Island Facility)
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