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 The Dinosaur (or Soul) Society

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Curt Von Doom


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PostSubject: The Dinosaur (or Soul) Society   Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:49 pm

Ichigo's dinosaurs

Name: Soul Reaper
Gender: male
Species: Baryonyx walkerii
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Soul Reaper is Ichigo's best trained & favorite dinosaur. He is light grey with brown stripes running down his back & some white spots here & there. His eyees are orange, almost looking like staring straight into the face of death!
Experience: 6 years
Size: 31 ft long, 8 ft tall, 3 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: not so strong
Weapons: claws, bulk
Basic attacks: slash, tail whip, bite
Combo attacks: 1. "Fear Me"- Releases a powerfull roar & stands almost upright, making mock lunges with his jaws & claws that causes intimination.
2. Triple slash- uses his claws to slash an opponent about 3 times, wich causes tough bleeding, usually a knockout move.
3. "Fell the wrath of the Zanpacto!"- Knockout move! Names after Ichigo's primary weapon, the Zanpacto, he takes the large claw on his hand & delivers a powerfull blow to opponent's head, knocking them out & requires stitches to fix!

Name: Hollow
Gender: male
Species: Sinraptor dongi
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Hollow is an odd looking Sinraptor in coloration. He is mostlly darkish brown to black all ove with large patches of white to go along with it. He has little spines running down his back.
Experience: 4 years
Size: 25 ft long, 10 ft high, 2 tons
Speed: fast
Bite force: medium
Weapons: jaws
Basic attacks: bite, tail whip
Combo attacks: 1. "Semi Truck"- He will charge forward and ram his opponent with great force.
2. Terror from China- He will bite the snout of his rival before forcing them down.

Orihime's dinosaur
Name: Rukia
Gender: female
Species: Leallynasaura amicagraphica
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: Rukia is Orihime's little pet. She usually doesn't fight because of her size, but when she does, she can be a handfull. Her appearance is mostlly based off of the famous documentary, Walking with Dinosaurs.
Experience: 1 year
Size: 6 ft long, 2 1/2 ft tall, 11 lbs
Speed: very fast
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: beak
Basic attacks: peck & kick
Combo attacks: 1. Peck attack- Pecks opponent several times with beak
2. Peck your eyes out!- Pecks at opponents eye to cause blindness
3. Karate Kick- kicks opponent multiple times in head, flank to cause disorientation.
4. Scatter- An evasive maneuver, Rukia will dodge an attack & run to gain more ground. May run around opponent to confuse them
5. In your face!- Bends down to the ground with back facing opponent & begins kicking up dirt to strike her opponent. Blinds attackers.

Yoruichi's dinosaurs

Name: Quincy
Gender: male
Species: Triceratops horridus
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: Quincy is a large male Triceratops. He is almost all grey, except with the patches of light tan. He is a very big & bulky Triceratops.
Experience: 5 years
Size: 27 ft long, 12 ft tall, 12 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: horns, frill, bulk
Basic attacks: frill ram, horn thrust
Combo attacks: 1. El Toro- Charges at opponent and rams him, knocking him down
2. Frill thrash- Hits an attacking opponent multiple times in the head with frill
3. Crippler- Thrusts horn into opponent's leg, making it more difficult for it to move
4. "Feel the wrath of the Quincy!- Taunt. Will dig feet on the ground & shake his head, thrashing his horns to scare opponents!

Name: PredAlien
Gender: male
Species: Daspletosaurus torosus
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: PredAlien is a large, female Daspletosaurus. Her appearance is mostlly black/ very dark brown on top with a creamy light brown on bottom. Named after the very scary alien from the movie Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 30 ft long, 10 ft high, 3 tons
Speed: fast
Bite force: medium
Weapons: jaws, bulk, tail
Basic attacks: bite, tail whip
Combo attacks: 1. "Ancestral Crusher": Delivers a powerful bone crushing bite
2. "Ell Toro": Rams the opponent with charging skull
3. "Come closer": When attacked, PredAlien will fake n injury & begin to limp. Once opponent is at striking distance, she attacks
4. "Predator's eye": Locks on to an opponents weak point & attack for extra damage

Matsumoto's dinosaur

Name: Chad
Gender: male
Species: Giganotosaurus carolinii
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Chad is the largest & most experienced dinosaur in the group. He was already trained before he was given to Matsumoto. He is mostlly grey with black spots on him.
Experience: 6 years
Size: 42 ft long, 15 ft high, 8 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: powerfull
Weapons: jaws, bulk, tail & clawed hands
Basic attacks: bite tail whip, slash, headbutt
Combo attacks: 1. Tail smash- swipes tail at opponent with maximum power, disorienting for a few seconds
2. Ram- Runs into opponent and smashes it's body into it
3. Jaws- Bites opponent with great force and holds on, inflicting deep wounds
4. "Back off, pal!"- Taunt. Releases a very loud, & powerfull roar. Causes intimination & scares opponent, causing it to back up.
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Kristoff Madeline


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PostSubject: Re: The Dinosaur (or Soul) Society   Fri May 10, 2013 9:36 pm

Hitsugaya's Dinosaurs

Name: Xenos
Gender: Male
Species: Allosaurus Fragilis
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: Xenos is one of the Society's largest carnivores & is one of Hitsugaya's largest dinosaur. He is a powerful & efficient predator that can take on a wide variety of opponents. He is an expert in ambush hunting, & often uses many of his hunting tactics when inbattle. As for coloration, he is mostly colored in many different shades of blue with a yellow crest on his skull. He is rather scaly in appearance & with small spines upon his back, his elbows & even his ankles.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 11 meters long, 3.3 meters tall, 3 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: Jaws, Claws
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, tail smash, pounce
Combo attacks:
-"Jurassic Scrapper": For pinned enemies- he will lunge ontop of them & bite down on them with gripping & slashing claws & shake violently. May knock out smaller dinosaurs
-"No Escape": Will chase down the enemy to prevent them from escaping. Once he catches the opponent, he will either knock over the enemy or pounce on them (depends on size)
-"Hitchhiker": For larger enemies, he with charge & pounce on the opponent to inflict several bites & slashes for maximum damage, gripping with both talons & arms
- "Jurassic Terror": Unleashes a powerful & intimidating roar to the enemy to make them cease their attack & cause intimidation
- "Predatory frenzy": He will attack from multiple sides with bites & slashes & quickly retreat to let wounds take effect before attacking again. The enemy slowly weakens from blood loss after each strike.
-"A patient strike": An ambush tactic, he will seek cover in the environment & ambush his opponent. He will remain still for a very long time until his enemy is close enough. Once the enemy is in striking distance.....He strikes!
Name: Thoron
Gender: Male
Species: Majungasaurus crenatissimus
Diet: Carnivore (Cannibalistic)
Appearance: Thoron is an intimidating male Majungasaurus. A full grown male at his prime, he has an extremely aggressive nature which makes him one of the Society's most dangerous dinosaurs. He is very unpredictable upon the battlefield & often uses a combination of both speed & shear force. His appearance is very frightful & intimidating, & overall- Ugly. He is mostly colored with green with stripes & has several spikes, osteoderms & spines jutting out & patterning his entire body. These often give Thoron extra protection against attacks. With powerful jaws, a robust body & a violent nature, he is a force to be reckoned with.
Experience6 3 years
Size: 8.5 meters long, 2.5 meters tall, 2.5 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Powerful
Weapons: Jaws, tail, head, massive bulk
Basic attacks: Bite, tail swipe, head-butt
Combo attacks:
- "Cold Blooded Glare": Gives an intimidating glare & a frightening growl to greatly scare & intimidate enemies.
- "Lock & Load": Will lunge straight for the enemies neck with jaws & then bite down. He then lock his jaws onto his prey to prevent being shook off & thus begins causing maximum damage to the spine & neck. If the enemy cannot shake him off....It is a clean knockout
- "Deadly Tug-a-war": A lethal attack, He will bite down on the enemies & thus begin to yank, pull & shake to cause extreme damage. This will majorly cripple an enemy if he bites the legs
- "Charge and Maul": He will charge and knock his opponent down before pinning them with his foot and biting them.
- "Cannibalistic Intent": If angered, he will release a loud, frightening roar to intimidate rivals. This will also make him more violent in his attacks
Name: Scyther
Gender: Male
Species: Therizinosaurus cheloniformis
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: A large, powerful male Therizinosaur at his prime, Scyther is one of Hitsugaya's favorite dinosaurs because of his large, powerful claws which resemble his katana. At most times, Scyther is a peaceful animal at nature but can be very aggressive when defending himself against enemies. He can greatly intimidate rivals with his large scythe-like claws & large eight foot long arms. He is colored in mostly white with black stripes & has a bit of feathering upon his arms. With a long neck & a red throat,, he also has small patch of black feathers on his head.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 9.4 meters long, 4 meters tall, 6 tons
Speed: Slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Large claws
Basic attacks: Slash
Combo attacks:(at least 1)
-"Triple slash": Slashes opponent 3 times in both head near flank areas. He then ends with a third, final & powerful slash
- "Back Slice": Slashes opponent with a back handing slice
- "Guillotine": Performs an upward & downward slash, causing extra damage
- "Fear factor": A taunt & buff, creates the illusion of being bigger then he really is & threatens with her claws. Also releases a loud shrieking roar. Causes intimidation & disorientation.
- "Giga Scythe": A lethal attack for both smaller & larger opponents. Either waits for a charging opponent or an exposed opponent. Performs a powerful thrash of his arm & causes extreme damage with her claws. Attacks at the face, flanks, exc. GREATLY cripples large opponents. Has a great chance of knocking out large opponents & can almost cause an instant KO to smaller dinosaurs
- "Counter Claw": For attacking dinosaurs, uses his claws to counter the opponent with a crippling slash.
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The Dinosaur (or Soul) Society
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