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 Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs   Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs EmptySun Nov 11, 2012 2:23 am

Name: Theo
Gender: male
Species: Triceratops horridus
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: He is a large, muscular male Triceratops inhis young prime. He is grayish brown with a distinctive green/ black/ white coloration on his frill. His brow horns are about 3 ft long each!
Experience: 10 years
Size: 27 ft long, 12 ft tall, 12 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: frill, bulk, & 2 large brow horns on his head
Basic attacks: frill ram, horn thrust
Combo attacks: 1. El Toro- Charges at opponent and rams him, knocking him down
2. Frill thrash- Hits an attacking opponent multiple times in the head with frill
3. Crippler- Thrusts horn into opponent's leg, making it more difficult for it to move
Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs SpiketheTriceratops

Name: Club
Gender: male
Species: Ankylosaurus magniventris
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: He is a large, robust adult male Ankylosaurus. His main coloration is dark grey, while his armor plates are silver & his underbelly is a reddish-like color. He has large armor plates on the shoulders and a large tail club as his main attack weapon.
Experience: 5 years
Size: 30 ft long, 6 ft tall, 5 tons
Speed: slow
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: bulk armor, & 100 lb rock hard clu on his tail
Basic attacks: tail sipe, headbutt
Combo attacks: 1. Shove- Slams head into opponent while he tries to knock him over and pushes him away, slowing him down
2. Crippler- Swipes tail at opponent's ankle and breaks it, defeating it
3. Skull crusher- Swipes tail at opponent's head with great force and renders opponent unconscious, winning
Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs AnkyDinoPed

Name: Black Stego
Gender: male
Species: Stegosaurus stentops
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: Black Stego is a large male Stegosaurus. Hic color is mostly light green on his body. His back plates are a darker shade of green.
Experience: 20 years
Size: 27 ft long, 12 ft tall, 4 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: NA
Weapons: bulk, tail spikes that are 4 ft long each
Basic attacks: tail swipe
Combo attacks: 1. Shoulder grind- Charges at opponent at top speed and rams him with shoulder
2. Tail lash- Swipes tail at opponent with greater force than normally
3. Bane of Stegosaurus- Swings tail into opponent's belly at maximum force, the swings it into his head, knocking him to the ground
4. Tail Lash with Stomp- Like the Tail Lash attack, but with an extra. He strikes the opponent on the head with his tail, sending it to the ground. Then, using his bulk, he rears up and comes crashing back down on opponent's head. This doesn't kill the opponent, but it causes very sugnificent damage.
Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs Stegosaur3tc
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Shawn Micheals' dinosaurs
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