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 Cecilia Van Richardson, "The Red Queen"

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PostSubject: Cecilia Van Richardson, "The Red Queen"   Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:25 pm

Name: Cecilia Van Richardson
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac: Unknown
Height: 5' 7"
Nationality: Central European/American
Appearance: Cecilia is a woman of such great charm & beauty. She is fair, elegant & a very beautiful woman. The very aspect of her that she uses to seduce other people & other men to do her bidding & her will is her attractive appearance. To the point where nearly no man can ever resist her charm. She has pinkish red hair with brown/golden eyes & pink lip stick upon her lips. Her skin is mostly tan & she wears a very attractive outfit for the simple reason of attraction, charm & sexual appeal, wearing a black short skirt, a sleeved button up shirt & long black leather boots. Most of her clothing indicates that she is actually Central European by blood, as most of her clothing is, in fact, most from that part of the world. She wears a single necklace around her neck as well. As the head of the notorious New York gang, "The Hellfire Club", she wears a long red cape in expression of her hierarchy amongst the ranks of the club.
Personality: Cecilia's personality can be compared with a simple rose. She is very beautiful but like the thorns of the rose, there is a price! One that many others pay when around her. Deep down inside, behind all the beauty lies a cold, & vile heart. She is extremely selfish & only cares about herself & her beauty. She uses her charm & her sexual appeal to get things her way and can manipulate other men to do her dirty work just from a simple asked request. Because of this ability of hers, she is very manipulative of other people, often getting involved in bargains that benefit her the most in the end. Thinking she is the fairest woman in the world, she is very easily angered when she becomes insulted or when her beauty is disregarded. As the leading rank of the "Hellfire Club" she desires praise, respect & total blind servitude. She is truly nasty & viscous to the core of her being. A woman who does not tolerate failure & a power hungry individual who only wants more & more. No matter how many men she has to go through to get what she wants.
Strengths: Manipulative, intellectual, crafty
Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, egotistical, her beauty being denied, being 2nd to anyone
Profession: Head member of the "Hellfire Club", "The Red Queen."
Hobbies: Manipulating others, seducing men, making bargains, dinosaur battles, taking what she wants
JFC experience: 3 years
Biography: Born in the heart of the Devoltstadt, the capitol of the Central European Empire, Cecilia Van Richardson was born into a wealthy family & lifestyle. Her family was one of the higher classes of the kingdom & were among the richest & highest class. Second only to the royal family itself. Cecilia was raised & nurtured into a healthy, beautiful little girl, destined to the fairest in all the land when she was older. But when the kingdom went into chaos, the families were divided. Cecilia moved to the United States where she remained to this day. She doesn't recall many memories of her childhood, other then it was stated she would be the fairest one. Since then, she made a name for herself to live up to that very statement. She desired nothing more then t be the most beautiful & to be praised by all who looked upon her. She attracted men wherever she went & seduced many to her will with her attractiveness & sexual appeal. She was given much of the families fortunes & welfare to start her very own life & became very rich. But even this wasn't enough to satisfy her! She wanted more & more! She wanted more wealth & more power! She would stop at nothing to be the fairest & most beautiful. This power hungry nature eventually lead her to the attention of JFC. Here, she saw an opportunity to truly be the best of the best. She obtained her dinosaurs & from there, she began to compete in tournaments. In which she has been able to win many over the course of her career. But even that wasnt enough to satisfy her. Even with her dinosaurs, she felt as if she did not have what she wanted. So she devised to use her wealth to establish her own criminal empire, resorting to crime by using her beauty & her manipulative nature to make others do her bidding & steal for her & make bargains with others. During this time her wealth & her power expanded until she became one of New York's most powerful Gang Lords. She referred herself as "The Red Queen", & thus declared her gang as "The Hellfire Club." Since then, she has expanded her group. All the members include only women members, where the men are the servants & the slaves to their will & where they do Cecilia's bidding. Her career in JFC has expanded as well, now reaching her third year experience. She will use both JFC & her dinosaurs to reach her ultimate goal & is certainly nod afraid of using her reptilian pets to take what she wants. She continues to reach her goal as the most beautiful women of all & she will do whatever it takes to reach her goal.
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Cecilia Van Richardson, "The Red Queen"
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