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 Arnim Zola

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PostSubject: Arnim Zola    Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:25 am

Name: Arnim Zola
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5' 6"
Nationality: German
Appearance: A man in his fifties, Arnim Zola is rather recognizable for his small height compared to the other leading members of HYDRA. He is a man who pays attention to his appearance in public. When on important meetings, he will often be seen in a black suit with a black hat, dressing in the typical upper class German style. When in his labs or conduction his studies, he will most likely be seen in a lab coat, but even wears a small boa tie around his neck. He is a man who prefers to dress with classy, formal wear. He has dark pants & shoes & wears glasses for his poor eye sight.
Personality: Though perhaps not the most evil or twisted member of all HYDRA, Zola definitely is a man of great intellect & imagination! Which ultimately make him an evil individual. Even when he retains a classy attitude. But he is a calm individual who looks at the situation accordingly. His work in the evil organization is astounding & near legendary! From construction new weapons technology to creating HYDRA's very own dinosaurs! Indeed, he is the very man who leads the production of HYDRA's Dinosaurs. He along with his only scientific superior, Baron Zemo. As one of the greatest Bio Genetic scientist & Bio Engineers in the world, his work on recreating dinosaurs is superb & flawless. Creating pure, 100% accurate, genetically made dinosaurs. His work has indeed pleased the Red Skull & continues to improve with the help of Baron Zemo. Such genius inventions all derive from the mans pure imagination & genius. He is a man who doesn't wish to fail the Red Skull & wishes to please his superiors with every invention & creation he makes. Including his "Mind Fusion" Tech. Machines in which, once applied to the users ears & temple, will allow the user to control & place their consciousness in a machine.
Strengths: Genius level intellect, Calm minded, optimistic, open minded, determined, loyal
Weaknesses: Not many weaknesses, but just never wishes to displease the Red Skull
Profession: HYDRA's leading scientist, co-creator of HYDRA's dinosaurs, founder of "Mind Fusion" technology
Hobbies: creating dinosaurs, creating new weapons technology, inventing new technology
JFC Experience: 4 years
Biography: Born in Berlin Germany & in a wealth upper class family, Arnim Zola grew up with vast knowledge. He excelled in school with superb grades & was very capable of creation inventions. At age 16, he even built his very own genetics lab & began cloning animals! His advanced mind eventually granted him scholarships to many universities around Europe & excelled in the fields of Bio engineering & Genetics. But unfortunately, neither his friends or family ever acknowledged him for his greatness & his achievements. Feeling ignored & feeling he never received respect, he became bitter, hateful & determined to get the respect he deserved. But this eventually led to him being expelled for forbidden experiments. Throughout the rest of his life, he spent his days as a man who vowed to get the respect he deserved. He set off to become one of the greatest scientific minds known as his brilliance soon became famous throughout Germany. Throughout this time though, Zola had many believes of his own, including of a superior race of human beings. Much like the neo Nazi's at the time. This soon got the attention of the organization in which Zola continues to work for to this day- HYDRA! He was approached by the Red Skull himself, appointed for his brilliance & his work. Zola was soon brought in & was placed as HYDRA's top scientist! Now, it seemed Zola would finally receive the respect he deserved. He began making the organization new technology for them & soon, he would see a new opportunity- Dinosaur recreation! After the success of JFC, HYDRA set out to create their own dinosaurs. & thus, Arnim Zola went to work to create the perfect dinosaurs for their forces! The "Perfect Saurians" as they refer them as. It was here that he met the only man he respected as much as he did the Red Skull & the only man he considered his Scientific Superior- Baron Zemo, who was also one of HYDRA's leading scientists. Together, they created HYDRA's very first dinosaurs. Now, he shares the same believe as the forces of all HYDRA & the same dream as the Red Skull- to create a world where only the superior race of men rule & to create the "Perfect Saurians" for their forces. To this day, Arnim Zola continues to create many vast advanced technology for the organization. Including more dinosaurs & his new research in "Mind Fusion" technology, allowing him, the user, to transfer his brain waves into an actual machine to control it with his own thoughts. Though he spends of his time in the lab, he is not, by any means, inexperienced. With two years experience in his career, he is very well capable of fighting with his very own dinosaurs should the situation become drastic or when force is needed. He is now HYDRA's Top official Scientist & Head of HYDRA's science & genetics division. At the same time, he is also privileged to be the assistant of Baron Heinrich Zemo, aiding him in whatever plans he may have.
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Arnim Zola
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