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 Joe Odison- "The Mighty Thor"

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PostSubject: Joe Odison- "The Mighty Thor"   Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:23 pm

Name: Joe Odison
Gender: male
Age: 30
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 6 ft
Nationality: American/ Central European
Appearance: Joe is a well built man that shows he works out. He is blonde haired & is sometimes seen with a mustache or a goatee. He usually wears normal clothing, but when he's not, he is usually swwn with an outfit similar to that of the comic book hero, Thor.
Personality: The personality of Joe Odison is like that of Thor from the Marvel comics. He is always determined to reach his goals in both real life & the WWE. He likes adventures & to meet new people, but only if their nice. He doesn't like villans & if one threatens the lives of himself & them, he will not stop until it is taken care of. Overall, he is a serious, yet caring man to be around.
Strengths: strong (both physically & mentally), determined
Weaknesses: short tempered at times, often pushes himself
Profession: WWE wrestler
Hobbies: dinosaur fighting, wrestling, hanging out with his friends
JFC Experience: 4 years
Biography: Born in Romania in the Central European Empire, Joe Odison lived with a very wealthy family. He was both a dinosaur nerd & A wrestling fan ever since he was 8 years old. When he reached high school, he took wrestling classes & competed in wrestling tournaments & eventually won a few. While in high school, he meet his future enemy, Amora. She wanted to go out & be his girlfriend, but he rejected her because she was the jerk & bully of the high school. When he got out, he joined the WWE & became a superstar. He received his miniature sledge hammer, wich he calls Mjonir, from Triple H as a gift & ever sicne, he has given himself a ringname, who he names himself after the comic book hero he was a fan of, "The Mighty Thor." Now, Joe owns some dinosaurs & wishes to compete in a JFC tournament. He has been in a few, but never one any.
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Joe Odison- "The Mighty Thor"
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