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 Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs   Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs EmptyWed Mar 20, 2013 7:55 pm

Name: Mantell
Gender: Male
Species: Iguanodon bernissartensis
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: A true behemoth of a herbivore, Mantell is a gigantic male Iguanodon & one of Rick Marshall's favorites, for being named after the very man who first discovered the species, Gideon Mantell (1790 - 1852). A large male at his prime, Mantell is another one of Marshall's gentle giants. His behavior is much similar to Edmond, Marshall's Corythosaur. He is calm & gentle at times for being a herd animal, mostly found grazing upon ferns & other plant matter for food. But this doesn't make him insufficient in battle by no means! Mantell is a powerful herbivore who can defend himself whenever he needs to. Armed with large spiked thumbs, he is well armed to draw away any attacker. His incredibly thick hide helps with defensive measure, thus granting him a high level of endurance. His coloration includes a series of dark browns & a white underbelly. He has a big red throat & bares a series of red spines going across his head & neck.
Experience: 5 years
Size: 10 meters long, 3 meters tall (on all fours)/4 meters tall (standing), 4 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: None
Weapons: Spike thumbs
Basic attacks: Tail swing, spike claw attack, trample
Combo attacks:
- "Spike Barrage": Strikes with thumb claws repeatedly in vital areas such as head, neck, exc.
- "Batter up!": Delivers a powerful tail smash to send the enemy off their feet (for enemies under 35 feet), leaves opponent heavily disorientated.
- "Mantell's Call": Rises high in the air to size up the enemy & delivers a powerful, bellowing roar to cause further intimidation
- "Swinging Spike": A powerful & lethal attack; Mantell will swing his arm straight to the opponent to deliver a powerful stabbing blow with his thumb spike. Has a high chance to K.O. instantly against smaller dinosaurs & can be used to counter attacks
- "Thunderous Slam": Rises on hind legs & delivers a few thumb claw attacks and/or comes smashing back down on opponent with full force. Can cause an instant KO to smaller dinosaurs
Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs 426563_449608578443430_1816317381_n
Name: Gustave
Gender: Male
Species: Baryonyx walkeri
Diet: Carnivore (mainly a diet of fish)
Appearance: Gustave is a male Baryonyx & one of Marshall's more tamed carnivores. He is not as violent in nature as to Grumpy or Alice. He is one of Marshall's least experienced carnivores, but nonetheless, he is a force to be reckoned with! Though he may not be the most powerful of carnivores, his snake-like nature helps him effectively. He is sly & crafty in battle, often using his environment to his advantage. He is an expert ambush hunter & surprises his enemies with full on attacks. With large claws & sharp conical teeth, he is well equipped for battle. His coloration includes a swampy green with black stripes & a few patches of red upon his head with a red crest.
Experience: 4 years
Size: 9.4 meters long, 2.7 meters tall, 3 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Not so strong
Weapons: Jaws, hook claws
Basic attacks: Bite, slash
Combo attacks:
-"Strangle & pin": Will bite opponent's neck to & grab with his claws, pinning the opponent down & begins slashing at flank, belly, exc.
-"Three strikes, your out": For attacking opponents- When an enemy charges or is about to attack, he will swipe his claw to counter attack his foe. He will give his enemy three deadly strikes, ending with a final & lethal slash that may cause a knock out to smaller dinosaurs
-"Beware": Gives a shrieking roar to intimidate rivals! If intimidation doesnt work, then he will charge to deal massive damage with bites & slashes at opponent
- "Rag Doll": For smaller enemies- Gustave will bite down on enemy & shake violently with his jaws
-"Murky Ambush": He will submerge himself completely in water & then wait for the perfect moment to strike. When the enemy is near, he will lunge out to grab opponent & drag his enemy to the water where he grabs a hold with claws & bites the enemies neck. From there, he will attempt to bring instant defeat to his enemy through lack of air & will eventually knock out opponent. (works better on smaller, to mid-size opponents/ only works when there is water to submerge in)
Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs Tumblr_mgznyojiQZ1r38ji3o1_r1_1280
Name: Norrin
Gender: Male
Species: Plateosaurus engelhardti
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Marshall's smallest mega-herbivore & his only Triassic dinosaur, Norrin is a full grown male Plateosaurus and one of Marshall's least experienced dinosaurs. Though Norrin is still going under training, he proves to be a superb combatant on the battlefield. Much like his distant cousin, Doc, he will use his size to his defense & to his advantage & detour enemies with his large clawed hands. He is one of Marshall's more peaceful dinosaurs like Mantell & Emdond & has been known to be quite easy to handle with. Norrin is calm & peaceful in nature & even friendly towards human beings. He is colored with a tan body with brown stripes across his body.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 9 meters long, 2 meter tall (on all fours) 3 meter tall (standing), 4.5 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: None
Weapons: tail, claws
Basic attacks: headbutt, claw swipe, tail smack
Combo attacks:
-"Prosauropod assault": Charges with swiping claws & tramples over opponent at full primordial force. Can crush smaller dinosaurs under his weight.
-"Pin & Slash": Pins opponent down & slashes his opponents flanks/mid section multiple times
-"Stomp": against pinned or knock over opponents, rises on his hind legs & comes slamming down on the opponent with full force & weight. Can instantly knock out smaller opponents.
-"Counter Claw": Against attacking opponents, uses his claw to counter an attacker with a deadly swipe.
-"A bold display": A threat display, rises on his hind legs with arms held out to create a display to scare off opponents. If the display doesn't work, he will charge & threaten to attack
-"Crimson tail": Strikes enemies with multiple lashes of his tail
-"Don't mess with me!": A surprise attack! If he feels threatened, if the opponent is too close or attacker, he will actually bite his opponent with his sharp, serrated, leaf shape teeth!
Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs Plateosaurus-Vlad-Konstantinov
Name: Buckland
Gender: Male
Species: Megalosaurus bucklandii
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: This is one of Marshall's favorite dinosaurs. Because every paleontologist has to have the great grandfather of all dinosaurs to be discovered later. Buckand is one of Marshall's prized possessions. He is also one of Marshall's least experienced dinosaurs, but Buckland has show much potential to become one of his greatest fighters over the past three years. Nearly similar to appearance as Alice, his Allosaurus, Buckland is a male Meglaosaurus named after it's first discoverer, William Buckland (1784- 1856). He is a large male at his prime with a lethal force behind him. In battle, Buckland is known to be a scrapper & a true brawler. However, surprisingly, Buckland is in fact one of Marshall's most peaceful carnivores, despite his lethal appearance. He is a calm & patient hunter & it not afraid to take his sweet time when in battle, which ultimately makes him an efficient fighter & killer. As for coloration, Buckland is an exotic dinosaur. He is colored with many varieties of green with stripes & spots. He has a few patches of red upon his skull & his crests and has a series of larger austroderms jutting out on the back of his neck & down his back.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 9 meters long, 2.8 meters tall, 2 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: Jaws, claws
Basic attacks: Bite, slash
Combo attacks:
-"Jurassic Scrapper": For pinned enemies- he will lunge ontop of them & bite down on them with gripping & slashing claws & shake violently. May knock out smaller dinosaurs
-"Deadly clutches": For smaller enemies, he will grab the opponent with his large claws & then bite down upon his trapped enemy
-"No Escape": Will chase down the enemy to prevent them from escaping. Once he catches the opponent, he will either knock over the enemy or pounce on them (depends on size)
-"Hitchhiker": For larger enemies, Buckland with charge & pounce on the opponent to inflict several bites & slashes for maximum damage, gripping with both talons & arms
-"Call of the Great Lizard": Unleashes a powerful & intimidating roar to the enemy to make them cease their attack & cause intimidation
-"The Deadliest Game": He will attack from multiple sides with bites & slashes & quickly retreat to let wounds take effect before attacking again. The enemy slowly weakens from blood loss after each strike.
-"A patient strike": An ambush tactic, Buckland will seek cover in the environment & ambush his opponent. He will remain still for a very long time until his enemy is close enough. Once the enemy is in striking distance.....He strikes!
Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs Megalosaurus-Todd-Marshall-2
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Rick Marshall's European Dinosaurs
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