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 Rebbeca Denvers

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PostSubject: Rebbeca Denvers   Rebbeca Denvers EmptyMon Apr 08, 2013 1:23 pm

Name: Rebecca Denvers
Gender: female
Age: 28
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 6 ft
Nationality: British/ American
Appearance: Rebbeca Denvers is a beautifull 28 year old woman. She is usually seen wearing a white dress-like outfit with pretty shoes. Her hair is mostlly kept in long, pig tails. Her eyes are blue.
Personality: Being the little sister of Sarah Denvers, Rebbeca is like the annoying little sister anyone can have. She can be annoying sometimes to her older sister. She's also like the hot head girl of the family. Always trying to use her looks & body to get her way (in a good way). She can also be nice & friendlly if she wants.
Strengths: beauty, strong (mentally), smart at times
Weaknesses: pushes herself at times, impulsive, hot headed, short tempered at times
Profession: none
Hobbies: dinosaurs, animals, flirting with men
JFC Experience: none
Biography: Rebbeca Denvers was born in the same family as Sarah Denvers, her older sister. To Sarah, Rebbeca was the "annoying" sister of the siblings, but she wasn't always annoying, but no matter what, she was considered to be Sarah's favorite sister & best friend. She would have trouble in school & received help from Sarah no matter what. Even high shool was tough as she was, like Sarah, always picked on & called names, but that didn't stop her. As high school came to a close, Rebbecca graduated & set off to a new adventres. Now, like her sister, a very specail event has came to her attention, the JFC tournaments. She nowowns a dinosaur & wishes to enter in her very 1st tournemant & possiblly win it!
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Rebbeca Denvers
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