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 The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams)

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The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams) Empty
PostSubject: The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams)   The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams) EmptyWed Apr 10, 2013 9:41 pm

Name: the Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams)
Gender: male
Age: 30
Zodiac: >unknown<
Height: 6 ft
Nationality: American
Appearance: Grim Reaper is a tall man with shriveled green skin, is bald and has green eyes. He wears a dark blue cybernetic suit with a scythe mounted on his right arm. He also wears a dark blue cape as a hood to cover the upper part of his face. Grim Reaper is equipped with a bionic arm which resembles a reaper and is armed with small laser gun.
Personality: He is a cold-blooded agent intending to do anything to get the job done. Besides being brother of Simon Williams, he doesn't seem to care for his little brother. Though this may possibly may not be true. Grim Reaper is a very skilled fighter. He is an expert with handling his bionic scythe. He will do anything to please his master & boss, the Red Skull, for any of HYDRA's plans.
Strengths: skiled fighter, strong, willing
Weaknesses: short tempered, impulsive
Profession: high ranking officer of HYDRA
Hobbies: doing evil deeds for the Red Skull, violent dinosaur battles
JFC Experience: 7 years
Biography: Eric Williams was the black sheep of his family: he was just born bad. He was a vandal and bully in school, and graduated into petty crime. As he got older, he got bolder... joining the Maggia, an organized crime syndicate. But when petty crime didn't satisfy his destructive urges, he moved on and learned about HYDRA. HYDRA saw the potential in Eric and outfitted him with a Cybernetic arm created by A.I.M. which could turn into a power-scythe. He took the name 'Grim Reaper', and became a high ranking HYDRA officer. Afterwords, he became a skilled JFC fighter after receiving his own set of vicious dinosaurs created bt the Skull himself.
The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams) Grim_Reaper
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The Reaper- "Grim Reaper" (Eric Williams)
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