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 Angus McLaughlin

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Angus McLaughlin Pyro8-web
Name: Angus McLaughlin
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Zodiac: Unknown due to his date of birth being unknown as well.
Height: 6 foot, 2 inches.
Nationality: Scottish
Appearance: Angus is a bit on the heavy side, be he isn't really fat. He is more bulky and muscular, he just has a bear gut. His hair color is red due to his Scottish bloodline.
Personality: Angus is unstable, crude, alcoholic, has aggressive tendencies and an unhealthy fixation with anything flammable. He is also an extremely hard worker and is among the best when it comes to deforestation. If you need a path cleared he is your man. He has worked in the harshest of environments and notoriously takes on jobs even veterans turn down. When he is without his whiskey, he is more prone to being more aggressive.
Strengths: Hard working, resourceful, and skilled at path making.
Weaknesses: Unstable, crude, short tempered, and an alcoholic.
Profession: Forester/Feller.
Hobbies: Downing trees and training his dinosaur.
JFC Experience: None.
Biography: Not much is known about Angus besides a few details. Like mentioned before, he is an alcoholic and unstable, as well as crude. Also, as mentioned before, he hails from Scotland. One trait that many people don't know is that he is one of the few close friends of Killer Croc. He is a dinosaur fanatic, but he has only one dinosaur; its a very rare theropod however.
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Angus McLaughlin
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