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 Ryou Yami Bakura

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PostSubject: Ryou Yami Bakura   Ryou Yami Bakura EmptyFri Apr 12, 2013 10:08 pm

Name: Ryou Yami Bakura
Gender: male
Age: 20
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Nationality: British/ American
Appearance: Bakura is a typical 20 year old young man who wears the usual sets of clothes. He usually wears blue jeans with tennis shoes & a blue & white striped shirt. He is often seen wearing a large, heavy black jacket. He has brown eyes & snow white hair.
Personality: Bakura, despite his evil looking appearance, is a very kind & loving young man. He is a very smart boy when it comes to dinosaurs & animals, as well as the card game "Duel Monsters." He is adventurous & kind. He can be serious in situations when it comes to any bad things happening. Overall, as said, he is a very sweet & lovable young man, as much as Kristoff Madeline.
Strengths: smart, kind, loving, caring, noble
Weaknesses: pushes himself, short tempered at times, can get blushy around women sometimes
Profession: none
Hobbies: traveling, hanging out with friends, meeting new people
JFC Experience: 1 year 6 months
Biography: Bakura was born in britain with a loving mother & father. When he was in elementary school, he had a very nice interest in dinosaurs. One fatefull day, his parents were both killed in a car accident, & little Ryou was crushed. After the death of his parents, he transferred to his new family in the US until graduating high school a straight A student. Afterwards, he gained interest in JFC. He had about over a year of experience & won several tournaments. He used the money for charity & many donation related things.
Ryou Yami Bakura Yami-bakura-ref
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Ryou Yami Bakura
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