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 Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs   Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs EmptyWed Apr 24, 2013 2:34 am

Name: Mamba
Gender: Male
Species: Dilophosaurus wetherilli
Appearance: A very exotic male Dilophosaurus, but a lethal & deadly force to be wreckoned with, Mamba is Van Richardson's most experienced dinosaur & by far her most intellegence &, in many ways, deadliest. The reason for this is the fact that Mamba is, in fact, the one of very few of her kind that is venomous. Richardson "acquired" this dinosaur after stealing him from an INGEN facility thanks to her gang. Mamba's poisonous life style is very similar to various reptiles like rattlesnakes, spitting cobra's & gila monsters. His upper & bottom jaw contains a lethal venom gland liek a gila monsters & rattlesnakes, in which he is able to release & store venom inside his mouth as they drip from his teeth. Mamba also has the unigue capability to use his venom as a projectile like spitting cobras, which he uses to blind his enemies with a lethal shot of poison. He is a smart, crafty & lethal predator & a nasty enemy in battle. His coloration is very exotic for his species. Often referred as a "Poison Dart" coloration, comprising with a series of white spots & stripes, as well as black stripes as well. He is mostly a greyish color in his underbelly while his head displays several dark blue stripes upon his head crest & eyes. Finally, just like a Black Mamba, his mouth is colored completely in black. To help give him a frightening & threatening appearance to any animal or aggressor unfortunate enough to confront him.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 7 meters long, 1.6 meters tall, 1,100 lbs
Speed: Very Fast
Bite force: Not so Strong
Weapons: Jaws, venom, and fore-claws.
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, and kick.
Combo attacks:
-"Venom Bomb": will accumulate a large amount of venom in his jaws & lock onto his enemy before spitting at his enemie's eyes (causes temorary & severe blindess)
-"Lethal Bite": will bite down on enemies limbs, neck, exc. before jerking & pulling back, thus causing pain and envenomation
-"No Escape": Will chase down the enemy to prevent them from escaping. Once he catches the opponent, he will either knock over the enemy or pounce on them (depends on size)
- "Deadly Mauler": A lethal attack, he will bend back before lunging with feet and claws at his opponent, pinning them and then biting the neck. (Envenomation will take place and weaken the opponent, if enemy is attacked like this again, it will cause a knockout/Only works on opponents larger than 10 feet)
-"Guerrilla warfare": A ambush/ hit-&-run attack, he will hide in the surroundings & wait for his enemies. When opponent is close, he will either attack with claws & jaws or spit venom at his enemies to blind them before running off to gain ground
Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs D3kSAQR
Name: Ruby
Gender: Female
Species: Allosaurus fragilis
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: One of the two Allosaur siblings Van Richardson possesses, Rudy, a female, is the smallest & youngest of the two. But by no means insignificant. Throughout her years & experience, Ruby has proven to be a formidable opponent even on her own. She is a crafty & efficient hunter who relies on her mobility to wear down her enemies before going for the attack. With powerful forearms & a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, she is capable of handling herself very well in battle. She is mostly colored in tints of reds, browns & tans, with black spots & stripe covering her body. Her head is mostly red with a brilliant, yellow/orange crest.
Experience: 2 years 6 months
Size: 9.7 long, 2.7 meters tall, 2.5 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: Jaws, clawed forearms
Basic attacks: bite, slash, ram
Combo attacks:
- "Lethal Lockjaw": Examines for the enemies weak point. Mainly the neck. Then lunges forward at the right moment to bite down with lethal force. She will grip her enemy with claws while ripping & tearing her victims. If the enemy cannot shake her off.....It may lead to a clean knockout
- "Jurassic Axe": One of her stronger attacks, she will use her open her jaws wide & hack her enemies like an axe for a clean, devastating blow! It may stun smaller dinosaurs smaller then 30 feet long from shock, & blood loss.
- "Deadly Chase": An ambush/ counter measure (for enemies who try to escape), she will ambush her enemies until she strikes! She will then chase down her enemies with great bursts of speed! She cannot run for an incredibly long time, but if she catches her enemy, she will strike.
- "The Deadly Duo": Ruby's most lethal attack & can only be executed when fighting alongside her bigger sister, Rouge. The two Allosaurs will attack together as a pack. Ruby will often bite her enemies legs while Rogue will either ram or bite the enemies neck & head. Another scenario may involve the two pouncing upon larger dinosaurs more then 40 feet long to inflict maximum damage. If enough damage is inflicted o both accounts, it may result in a clean knockout.
Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs Allosaurus
Name: Rouge
Gender: Female
Species: Allosaurus fragilis
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: The largest & oldest of the Allosaur sisters, Rouge is a powerful & aggressive female at her prime. Where's Ruby is primarily the faster of the two, Rouge relies mostly on her animalistic strength & her violent, aggressive nature adds to it. She has proven to be a worthy & formidable opponent for any dinosaur unfortunate of facing her in direct combat. As for coloration, she is strangely different from that of Ruby's appearance. She is mostly colored with a series of yellow with dark violet stripes while her underbelly remains greyish/tan. Her massive head is colored with a violet, as well as her crest.
Experience: 2 years 6 months
Size: 10 meters long, 3 meters tall, 3 tons
Speed: Medium/Fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: jaws, clawed forearms
Basic attacks: bite, slash, ram
Combo attacks:
- "Scourge of the Jurassic": an intimidation move, she will roar loudly with much aggression to intimidate her rivals. Causes great intimidation to her enemies & gives her an opportunity to attack while they are vulnerable.
- "Devastator": A lethal attack. She will lunge directly at her enemies with jaws & claws. She will bite down with lethal force & hook them with her claws to hold them. From there, she will continue to shake violently & slash at her enemies. Could cause a clean knockout for enemies smaller then 30 feet.
- "Pulverize": Will bite the enemy with lethal force before throwing them to the ground. Then, she will use her massive weight & pin the enemy to the ground, stomping on them & smashing them with her strength
- "The Deadly Duo": >see Ruby's bio<
Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs 1024px-Saur
Name: Omega
Gender: Male
Species: Mapusaurus roseae
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: A powerful theropod, Omega is Cecilia Van Richardson's most powerful and her largest dinosaur. He is also one of the Hellfire Club's largest dinosaurs as well. Though he has not had as much experience as Cecilia's other dinosaurs, this Mapusaur is by no means weak or inexperienced. A large & robust theropod, he is a deadly force to be reckoned with. As a powerful & formidable predator, Omega has proven time & time again as the tank behind the Hellfire Club. This giant Mapusaur is colored with primarily orange with brown stripes. His head is colored with a series of a bluish/grey tint & an orange crest. Along the sides of his back, he has a small series of osteoderms.
Experience: 2 years 3 months
Size: 12.2 meters long, 3.9 meters tall, 4 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: Medium/Powerful
Weapons: Jaws, claws, tail
Basic attacks: Bite, ram, tail slam
Combo attacks:
- "Earth Shaker": Roars loudly while stomping the ground immensely & powerfully! Causes great intimidation to enemies.
- "Hellfire's Message": A lethal attack, he will lunge towards the enemy to deliver a near bone breaking bite & shake violently to majorly wound and/or cripple the enemy! Needs intense surgery to heal, but the enemy is left with a large scar left from the bite that will heal slowly over time
- "Sledge Hammer": Will strike the enemy with a powerful thrash of his large skull. Any animal under 25 feet will be sent off their feet.
- "Omega strike": Another lethal attack. He will charge at full force to knock over his enemy. He will then bite down with full force to deliver a painful, punishing blow. For dinosaurs smaller then 30 feet long, this may result in a clean knockout
Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs PDMapusaurus
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Cecilia Van Richardson's Dinosaurs
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