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 Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

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PostSubject: Victor Creed (Sabretooth)   Victor Creed (Sabretooth) EmptyThu Apr 25, 2013 4:47 pm

Name: Victor Creed
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown/ possibly in his 30's
Zodiac: Unknown
Height: 7' 8"
Nationality: Believed to have been born in Canada
Appearance: A tall, & extremely robust individual, Victor Creed, aka "Sabretooh", has built himself into an extreme powerhouse. Undoubtadly one of the strongest individual men around & is capable of lifting extreme measures of weight upon his shoulders. Often referred as a "mutant", he has grown enlarged canines on both top & bottom jaws, much like the teeh of a carnivorous animal. Upon his hands, he has even grown his own set of "claws", enlarged & extremely sharp nails that can easily cut through flesh & tear through bone. His strength, his speed, his stamina- all highten far beyond the limits of normal human beings. His clothing varies from time to time, mainly a variety of hunting clothing or an assortment of outdoor wear. He has long, blonde hair and beard across his face, which nearly resembles that of a mane like a lion and his eye color is yellow.
Personality: Victor Creed is as mercilous & deadly as his name stake. Wanted in all of the states, he is a heartless, cold blooded killer who always enjoys a good hunt & a good kill. He takes great pleasure in hunting down his enemies, considering them his helpless prey. He is a natrural born hunter & is easily angred or aroused. Thus making him very dangerous & animal-like. Despite this, he has shown to be surprisingly intellegent & able to solve complex situations. This dangerous & bloodthirsty nature has made Creed into more of an animal then man......& he enjoys it!
Strengths: "Super Human" strength, Animal keen senses, great speed & agility, considered immune to many forms of disease & granting him a faster "healing" adaptation, able to communicate with animals, mammals & dinosaurs alike, expert hunter, intellegent
Weaknesses: Short Tempered, Can be stubborned & fooled, greedy, enjoys killing
Profession: Former Expert Hunter, Animal Wrestler & Killer for Hire
Hobbies: Hunting, deadly dinosaur fights, training his dinosaurs,
JFC Experience: 1 year/ record shortened due to disqualification
Biography: Believed to have been born in the heart of the Canadian wilderness, Victor Creed was born with a unigue gene that grants him his "super human" & animalistic capabilities he has today. Today, the gene is known as "Gene-X" & the first signs began to show when Creed began to grow into his teenage years, when he began to show unusual growth of long, animal like hair across his body & face and a sudden growth into claw-like fingers. He tried to fit in with the community, but he was was considered a freak. An outcast.....A "Mutant." Nonetheless, he lived alongside his family & began to train himself as a professional hunter with his family & even worked a part time job at the local animal shelter & zoo where he began to learn more & understand animal nature. But further on during the years, his "mutation" began to grow further & change him more, as he began to develop more animal like features such as sharp canines, or "sabreteeth", & even began to dvelop animal keen senses, such as hightened hearing, sight & smell. At the age of 20, he no longer needed a gun to hunt game in the wilderness. He woulc kill is game with his own bare hands & he would do it with surprising ease. But the more & more he would hunt, the more he would start to enjoy the sight of disambowling his victims. This was becoming dangerous for Creed & soon, he stopped hunting for a while. But not even this was enough to prevent him from further bloodshed. He could not hide so easily in the society anymore, as his "mutation" had begun to fully take it's course. He grew to a massive size, larger then any man in the town. He stuck out like a sore thumb, considered a freak of nature by the people around him! This caused Creed to become angry with the people around him & thus, he developed an animalistic side of himself, becoming extremely angered! He began to kill those who ever called him names & he would do it with all his animalistic rage. Worst of all, he began to enjoy it!
With these killings, Creed was soon hunted down by the towns people & the authorities. It was clear that he could no longer live among those he would now call "human" or "little men." He considered himself a higher form of human, now. A being far beyond the normal limits of man. He fled to the wilderness of Canada & there he remained for several years while his "mutant" gene continued to shape Creed into the man he is today. Years would pass & soon, sightings of violent killings were sighted across the wildnerness & random towns, believed to have been made by wild animals. Some sightings have even made Creed famous, as he even considered to be the legendary "Big Foot" when hunters went after him. Over the years however, many people have learned of Creed after he made himself known once more & went out from hiding, now calling himself- "Sabretooth." He was often hired as a hit man; A killer for hire & would often be rewarded greatly with fortuntes & money.
But soon, a new form of entertainment came to his attention- Dinosaur fighting! With the arrival of JFC, Creed now sought a new opportunity for entertainment & to become the best of the best. He began to obtain his first dinosaurs & entered the tournaments. However, because of how violent he had trained his dinosaurs, he was disqualified & kicked out of the tournaments! However, he as been training both himself & his dinosaurs ever since, as he is nearly one of the only men alive capable of handling & training his dinosaurs all by himself, thanks to his understanding of animal nature. Though his dinosaurs are only experienced by only a few months & a single year, they are highly trained to tackle & fight any opponent no matter the experience! Now, Victor Creed seeks to enter the tournaments once more, to finally prove himself the best of the best, & to make his dinosaurs the strongest & the most deadly of all!
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Victor Creed (Sabretooth)
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