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 Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs   Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs EmptyFri May 03, 2013 3:45 pm

Name: Dark Magician
Gender: male
Species: Torosaurus latus
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: The Dark Magician is Yugi's prized & favorite dinosaur. He is mostlly dark grey to almost black with a pink/ red tint on his frill with 2 black "eye" spots. He's also a tough opponent to any predator that gets in his way.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 30 ft long, 12 ft high, 9 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: bulk, horns & frill
Basic attacks: frill ram, horn thrust
Combo attacks: 1. "Dark Magic Attack"- Charges at opponent and rams him, knocking him down
2. Frill thrash- Hits an attacking opponent multiple times in the head with frill
3. Crippler- Thrusts horn into opponent's leg, making it more difficult for it to move
4. Ceratopsian rage taunt - He digs the ground with his front feet and lets out a series of grunts and roars that intimidate opponents and tempt them into an attack.
5. "Magical Frill" - Shakes his head & flushes blood into his frill, creating a frightening display to either scare or intiminadt an opponent.
Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs Torosaurus

Name: Exodia
Gender: male
Species: Argentinosaurus huinculiensis
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: Exodia is an Argentinosaurus, one of the largest land animals to have ever lived. He is Yugi's largest & 2nd most experienced dinosaur behind Dark Magician. He is brown all over.
Experience: 2 years 11 months
Size: 126 ft long, 28 ft tall, 120 tons
Speed: very slow
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: bulk, neck, tail
Basic attacks: charge, trample, stomp, tail whip
Combo attacks: 1. "Exodia, obliterate!!": Charges at full speed towards enemy & tramples or rams opponent. Capable of knocking over any opponent smaller then himself. has a 50% chance of a knock out to smaller enemies
2. "Mega ton Whip": Delivers a powerful blow with his tail, striking the head, body, flanks, & any other visible target. Capable of disorientation & can knock opponents over if attacked by their feet
3. "Catapult": A surprise attack & for smaller enemies- he will actually bite down on their tails & throw them a great distance! Has the potential for an instant knock out and/or serious injury
4. "Final Smash": His most powerful attack, rises up on hind legs & come smashing down with full force & weight. INSTANT knock out to any animal smaller then himself, including giant predators.
Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs 145826167_738376d3c8_o

Name: Slifer
Gender: male
Species: Carcharodontosaurus saharicus
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Slifer is a very large male Carcharodontosaurus. He is mostlly red, orange & yellow in color. He is also a robust, built animal, built for any fight.
Experience: 2 years 10 months.
Size: 39 ft long, 14 feet tall, 7 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: powerful
Weapons: bulk, neck, tail
Basic attacks:
Combo attacks: 1. The Grim Reaper- Delivers a devastating bite with violent & near bone crushing force & lashes with sharp claws! Leaves opponent majorly wounded & needs surgery to heal.
2. Devastator- For opponents smaller then himself, Goliath bites down with powerful jaws & shakes violently, causing extreme damage before throwing & pinning opponent on the ground
3. Penance Stare- Eyes opponent with menacing eyes & keeps locked onto opponent. Cause intimidation to other opponent
4. Juggernaut- Charges with full force to ram opponent with his massive head & can topple over any opponent less then 60 feet in length.
5. Tail Smash- smashes enemy with massive tail, leaves opponent disporiented
6. Carcharodontosaur Rage- Unleashes an earth shaking roar that puts him in a blood thirsty frenzy, increases his attack speed & ferocity. Also causes slight deafness & disorientation to opponent & intimidates opponent.
Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs Feae_carcharodontosaurus2
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Yugi Moto's Dinosaurs
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