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 King T'Challa (The Black Panther)

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King T'Challa (The Black Panther)  Empty
PostSubject: King T'Challa (The Black Panther)    King T'Challa (The Black Panther)  EmptyWed May 08, 2013 12:24 am

Name: T'Challa
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 6' 4"
Nationality: Wakandan (African)
Appearance: As the member of the Royal family of Wakanda, T'Challa is clothed in several royal, African garbs, gowns, capes, & many other ware most of the time. He is a rather handsome individual with brown eyes & short black hair & Is very physically fit. The finest & most fit man in all of Wakanda. His physical perfection grants him much strength, speed, agility & durability, thus making him a master of many forms of hand-to-hand combat, able to hold his own with a dozen men. But he with traditionally wear a suit made for the Wakandan kings of old- The Black Panther suit. This suit is colored entirely in black with a large cape behind him & a black mask to cover his face. Upon his arms, his cape & his waist are traditional Wakandan accessories for the royal-wear, all of which resemble the claws of the panther & colored with gold. This gives T'Challa an appearance of royalty to show his hierarchy. Despite the outfits simple appearance, T'Challa secretly has his own assortment of weapons & defenses incase he needs them such as knives & daggers. Even a set of retractable claws. Inside his suit is a thin layer of armor for extra protection, contructed in a rare metal found only in Wakanda called Vibranium.
Personality: As King of Wakanda, T'Challa is a wise, noble & just leader of his people & nation. Many consider him to be one of their greatest leaders & he is a highly respected man & leader known to many nations, including the United States. He is wise & calm in nature. Always able to assess the nature of an issue before him steadily. He is also vastly intelligent, able to solve complex problems & excels in many forms of science. Thus is the reason why he has been able to make Wakanda into one of the leading nations of advanced technology. Though he may be charismatic, calm & loving at heart, he knows when to become serious. Especially when his kingdom is under peril or in danger or even his family.
Strengths: Positive, strong (mentally & physically), loving, charismatic, wise, intelligent, serious, professional martial artist & fighter; an expert in a sacred Wakandan style of combat known no where else in the world
Weaknesses: None
Profession: King of the African Nation called Wakanda, "The Black Panther"
Hobbies: Training, reading, writing, governing his kingdom, spending time with friends & family
JFC Experience: 8 years
Biography: Born in the African Nation known as Wakanda, T'Challa is the older brother of Pavi & Raji T'Challa & the cousin of Yoruichi Shinouin. He is a member of the royal & noble family that has ruled Wakanda for many generations & years. A family who's King's take the mantle & title...Of the "Black Panther." When he was a boy, he & his sisters were raised by their loving family before they departed several years later. Their father was a noble & wise king named T'Chakka. Under his guidance, T'Challa learned under the wing of his father, the past king of Wakanda & learned how to become a successful king when his time came. He was loved & well educated by his family & spent much time with them & his sisters & his cousin when they were little. But little T'Challa grew up during a time when Wakanda was much more separate from the rest of the world. Outsiders were forbidden in their lands & they were very protective of their borders & their most sacred treasure- A Mountain full of the most rare mineral & metal called "Vibranium." Yougn T'Challa was taught the ways of the king's of & learned that defending the nations borders was one of the most important things. As well as protecting the sacred treasures of the land. But when outsiders invaded the land to obtain the mountain of Vibranium, T'Chakka, his father, did everything in his power to repel the outsiders. The family was taken safely out of the coming violence, including Pavi & Raji.....But unfortunately, T'Chakka was killed y the outsiders themselves. Murdered before T'Challa's eyes. When the outsiders finally left, Wakanda had lost their king in cold blood. Yougn T'Challa mourned for days upon his death, swearing he would avenge him & take revenge upon the men who killed him. Years had passed & the devastated nation slowly began to rebuild itself anew once more. T'Challa was to be the next heir to the throne & thus became King of Wakanda at a young age of 16.
Years later & T'Challa had slowly began to slowly rebuild the advanced city of Wakanda, restoring the nation to it's natural order & beauty & soon began to focus on more protection as well as other issues around the kingdom. He became a just, wise & proud leader of his people, just like his father taut him. However, with the passing of their father, his two sisters & his cousin all departed & went their separate ways, leaving to other lands & leaving T'Challa to protect their homeland. Though they always kept in close contact. During this time, T'Challa was able to bring much peace to the land. Bringing prosperity & much goodness to his people. He was respected & loved by his people for all the noble deeds he did for the nation, including lowering economic troubles. Soon enough, the elders of the nation knew...It was time. T'Challa was ready to be given the mantel & be given the title...of the Black Panther. Through a series of trials & tests, the elders tested T'Challa, testing his strength, his knowledge. He was trained through the sacred Wakandan art of combat, a form & style not found or known anywhere else in the world. T'Challa went through many trials to test his spirits, his strength & much more. But alas, his trials were not over. For the same invaders, the very men who had killed his father, returned to the land to take the mountain of Vibranium. & so, T'Challa's final test was set before him- To purge the land of the outsiders! To avenge his father & be rid the land of their sin! He tracked the men down to the top of the Wakandan mountains, where the Vibranium mound was located & where the men had begun constructing a mine at. He hunted them down & soon met face to face with the man who murdered his father. A vile, greedy man named Ulysses Klaw- a vile scientist in the search of the rare metal to construct & complete a weapon of destruction. But T'Challa had come to put an end to the man's evil deeds & to avenge his father's death! It was a long fought battle....But when Klaw was sent off the cliff & to his death....The battle was over. The men returned to wherever they came, after T'Challa told them never to return to his lands & that the Black Panther will always protect these lands.
At last, he triumphed. & so the following ceremony commenced. A ceremony the kings of old went through as well. There, before his people & Nation...T'Challa was finally given the title of the Black Panther.
The land was finally purged from the sins of the outsiders & peace had come to the kingdom. With the title of the Black Pather, T'Challa soon began to seek to change some ways around the kingdom. He had decided that the reason for the outsiders invasion was because of the old ways of the kingdom. The ways in which the kings of the past had always followed. But now, it was time for change. It was time for the new ways of the kingdom. While maintaining the lands privacy from other neighboring countries, the borders had now become open to the allies of Wakanda. But only to those who T'Challa saw as his trusted friends & allies. But soon, T'Challa began to take an interest in a new form of entertainment. Something that had always interested him since he was a child, much like Pavi, Raji & Yoruichi- Dinosaurs. The JFC tournaments had finally come o his attention. Soon, he had obtained his first dinosaurs & also gave a few to his sister & cousin. From there, T'Challa set out to participate in the tournaments & to represent his nation. For eight full years, he has won many battles & looks forward to new challenges. But now, he resides back in Wakanda to govern his kingdom once more. Even to this day, he resides there, always keeping a watching eye over the land that was passed down to him by his family & his father. The land in which he swore & promise to forever protect & preserve.
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King T'Challa (The Black Panther)
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