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 Mai Valentine

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PostSubject: Mai Valentine   Mai Valentine EmptyWed May 08, 2013 4:25 am

Name: Mai Valentine
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 5' 6"
Nationality: Central European/ American
Appearance: Mai is a very beautiful young woman. Her looks can easily attract other men around her with her looks & charm. She has pure blonde blond hair with pretty purple eyes. Her clothing varies from time to time. But she is often seen in high fashion. Sometimes she'll be seen in a leather jacket over herself. She wears high boots with short panties & a rather attractive underdress over herself.
Personality: Like her older sister, Amora "the Enchantress", Mai can often attract many men around her with her charm & beauty. However, unlike her sister, she is not as cruel or as cold hearted as her, nor the other members of the Hellfire Club, lead by Cecilia Van Richardson. In fact, she is known to have a more calm & social nature. Though she can be timid & shy at times, she can be fun & loving with her friends. She even loves to hang out with boys & flirt with them or "seduce" them to make them blush. She has always, however, been questioning herself about her sister & whether or not she should really be following her ways. She never enjoys making other people seduced to her will like Amora or the other Hellfire Club members.
Strengths: Positive, fun, loving, enjoyable to be around, optimistic, knowledgeable
Weaknesses: Often shy, timid, always questioning herself what to do, doesn't know if she can trust her sister
Profession: None, but is the sister of Amora, a high ranking member of the Hellfire Club
Hobbies: music, hanging with friends
JFC Experience: 1 year
Biography: Mai Valentine is the young sister of Amora, "The Enchantress." She was born with the same him & near the heart of the capital of the Central European Empirre- Devoltstadt, ruled by Luther Von Mayhem. She was born into a wealthy family who treated both her & Amora like princesses. She lived a happy life with her family for much of her childhood. But when she was 7, both her mother & father died in a car accident. She unfortunately took the news the worst & mourned over their death for several months. Even after their aunt took them in to raise them, she was slightly depressed during this time. Even when most of the boys would be attracted to her, she was not the most happy. Her sister, Amora, didn't do much to help her out either, as she was considered a jerk in high school by many fellow students. She slightly befriended one of the students however. A young, handsome man named Joe Odinson, whom Amora had a crush on. They became friends despite Amora trying to claim him which she apologized for every time. When she was 15, she & her sister met the woman in which Amora would have close connections with ever since- Cecilia Van Richardson. The leader of a gang filled with women called the Hellfire Club. Amora accepted the offer of joining them, however, Mai had second thoughts a t first & was unsure whether she wanted to actually be involved with them. But because her sister insisted she joined, she accepted. After joining the game with her sister, she was introduced to the JFC experience. She now owns several dinosaurs with her sister & has a single year of experience. She has won a few battles but never a grand championship. But she hopes she will become a good JFC fighter. She helps her sister carry out the Hellfire Club's plans but now, she is beginning to question herself once again. She is beginning not to enjoy the things the Hellfire Club does & is now thinking of actually quitting the group like she should have done n the beginning.
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Mai Valentine
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