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 Hitsugaya "Toushirou" Matsumoto

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Hitsugaya "Toushirou" Matsumoto Empty
PostSubject: Hitsugaya "Toushirou" Matsumoto   Hitsugaya "Toushirou" Matsumoto EmptyFri May 10, 2013 7:09 pm

Name: Hitsugaya T. Matsumoto
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5' 2"
Nationality: American/ Japanese
Appearance: A rather small sized boy for his age, Hitsugaya has long, spiky white hair with pure royal blue eyes. Like his sisters & the other members of the Dino- Society, he can often be seen wearing the typical black Japanese robe with a another white cloak around him. Though most of the time he is seen in casual wear. He is also often seen with a large samurai katana in which he uses in training.
Personality: Hitsugaya is well mannered & mature. He stays generally serious & focused whenever the situation. Yet even for his age, he will often act more like an adult & tends to be more like an older brother to his older sister, Matsumoto. Especially when he is being teased by her others like Yoruichi & Orihime. Perhaps it's to make up for his small size. But in times of competition, Hitsyugaya can be very competitive & sometimes, he can show to have a little competitive ego, thinking he is stronger then his opponent.
Strengths: strong willed, serious, determined, focused, competitive
Weaknesses: the fact he thinks he has no weaknesses, his sister & friends teasing him
Profession: None
Hobbies: Training himself & his dinosaurs, traveling, sword fighting
JFC Experience: 3 years
Biography: Hitsugaya is the younger brother of Matsumoto Ranhiku, his older sister. Much like Matsumoto, Not much is known about his prior history, except that he came from Rukongai. As a child, he & his sister was saved by Gin Ichimaru from starvation. The hardships molded young Hitsugaya to be a strong willed & serious individual. After growing up a normal life with his sister, he became interested in dinosaurs fighting & JFC. Thus, he travelled the world with her & plans to become a good JFC fighter one day. To become the best of the best. Much like his sister, he is now part of a group known as the Dino- Society. There, he met allies & friends like Ichigo, Orihime, & Yoruichi. He has been in dinosaur fighting longer then his sister & has since gained 3 years of experience with his dinosaurs & plans to compete for more tournaments.
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Hitsugaya "Toushirou" Matsumoto
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