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PostSubject: David Banner   David Banner EmptySun May 12, 2013 4:46 am

Name: David Banner
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 5' 11"
Nationality: America
Appearance: A man in his thirties, David Banner is an average looking man. He's a little handsome but he never cared too much about how good looking he was. A medium sized man, he has long brown hair with slightly green eyes & has a small stature for his age. He even has a few small whiskers where he normally grows a beard & a mustache sometimes. Because of his poor eye sight, he is usually seen wearing glasses. As for clothing, he will normally wear typical casual clothing. But when at work, he is often seen in a lab coat.
Personality: Banner is a hard working individual & a good hearted man. He is also a very intellectual person, & is able to remain calm & solve many problems. His calm, caring & peaceful nature makes him a very easy man to get along with. He hates violence & tends to avoid conflict whenever possible. He is much more peaceful then he is forceful. Though he can be a bit awkward at times & he may try to be funny, event though he has a dry sense of humor. But he doesn't care. Banner is also a man who enjoys himself just the way he is. Though he may not be as handsome as his friend, Anthony Stark, Banner is a man never lets such things bother him. However, when the time comes, Banner can be serious & very focused to get the job done. But he can also become bashful at times. Especially when his girlfriend, Betty & his cousin, Jennifer, begin to tease him.
Strengths: Intelligent, strong willed, humorous, gentle, kind hearted, focused, good problem solver
Weaknesses: Can get stressed, can get depressed, bashful around women, especially Betty & Jennifer when they tease him
Profession: Former scientist- Studied paleontology & former Bio-Physicist, studied Gamma Radiation
Hobbies: studying, reading, working, being with friends & family, being at peace, dinosaurs
JFC Experience: 5 months
Biography: Born in Colorado, David Banner was raised with a loving, caring mother but an alcoholic father. For most of his childhood, poor David would have to put up & watch his parents argue & fight, but no matter what, his mother was always by his side. When times got bad, he would always go to visit & seek company from his loving cousin, Jennifer Walter Pots, who helped poor Banner during his time of need. When Banner was young, he showed a strong interest in science. Primarily chemistry & dinosaurs. So mich that he even began to perform his own "experiments" in the sink, the tub & even the garage. He was a bright young boy who always did well in school & even helped Jennifer out in her homework sometimes. During science fairs, Banner would always win the contests through his ingenious projects. It was clear that he was gifted, but his father however, was not so pleased. He would always want his son to "Man up" & participate in more "Manly" things like Football. But Banner never showed any interest. It was clear that Banner was not the son his father wanted. Later in his life, his father was arrested for drunk driving & assaulting his wife after going completely out of control one night. Young David never saw his father again, & it was probably for the better.
In the years to come, Banner would excel in school & eventually graduate as the valid Victorian of his class & was all set with scholarships for college. But soon, he discovered that his loving mother had passed away due to cancer. But even with such a heart breaking loss, he kept going. He attended many universities to pursue his study of sciences. Including Paleontology, Bio-Chemistry, Biology, & Nuclear Physics. It was then that he began to excel in the understanding of Gamma Radiation & it's powerful, deadly potentials, as well as possible medical potentials that no one had ever realized before. Leaving his interest of dinosaurs behind for a time, he worked with many projects & experiments on the effects of Gamma Rays & even led to the production of "The Gamma Bomb." Or "G-Bomb" for short. One of the minds behind the creation of the bomb, it was tested out in the field & was a complete success.
Shortly after however, he was called upon immediately for extreme aid & for his knowledge of Gamma Radiation. While he had proven that Gamma rays do have the potential for medical uses.....He now saw that there can be other, more dangerous effects. He was called upon to aid with a very special case. For a single man, named Joe Fixit, had been bombarded & exposed to Extremely dangerous levels of Gamma rays. But to Banner's surprise, the man was not dead! Instead, he had been altered! His molecular structure had changed entirely! He was now nearly over 9 feet tall & became very muscular & strong. Undoubtedly, Banner thought, he had become one of the strongest men on the planet. Ever since, Banner has been working closely with Joe Fixit, who is now nicknamed "Hulk." He has been finding answers & working with him closely so that one day, he can find a cure for the man & free him from such a dreadful & unfortunate burden.
But soon, through the year to follow, Banner eventually stumbled across the next phase in his life. He had finally faced the hardest & most challenging part of his life- Love. For he had met the love of his life whom he is still with today- Betty Smith. They have both confessed their love for each other & have been together ever since. Now, even with his work, Banner has found interest in dinosaurs once again thanks to the JFC tournaments. Since he was always fascinated with dinosaurs as a boy, he soon began to obtain his own dinosaurs. He has a total of 5 months of experience & has won a single championship. The money he wins is always put into his work & other personal things. He wishes to attend more tournaments so he can win more money to help his work & his new home with his love, Betty.
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David Banner
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