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Brandon Johns Fanart
Name: Brandon Johns
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Zodiac: Cancer
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Nationality: Irish, German
Appearance: Brandon appears to look like any other guy his age. He has black hair, hazel eyes, and is more on the skinny side. However, there is another side to this young man and its quite the opposite to what he appears to be normally.
Personality: He is generally a calm and collective person. He is very intelligent when it comes to animals; particularly dinosaurs and reptiles. He is also a scientist who again specializes in reptiles and dinosaurs, but also knows a thing or two about genetics. He is pretty friendly once you get to know him, but he does have some strange moments here and there. However, he does have a short or quick temper and can really be aggressive if provoked too much.
Strengths: Generally friendly, scientifically smart, faster than most people, and becomes immensely strong when he changes into his other side.
Weaknesses: Can be fooled, short tempered, and is not powerful if he is unable to change to his darker side.
Profession: Scientist, herpetologist, and dinosaur trainer.
Hobbies: Science, reptiles, and dinosaur training.
JFC Experience: None
Biography: Born on July, Brandon always had a fascination with the less desirable or appealing creatures such as snakes and lizards, basically reptiles. As he grew older, he caught the attention of a certain selfmade millionaire by the name of Charles Weyland. Weyland saw much potential in the young boy and wanted to recruit him once he was past the age of twelve. Before this however, Brandon also grew to love dinosaurs and received his first dinosaur at the age of eight. It was a baby Tyrannotitan that had a rare albino coloration which Brandon named White Fatalis. Growing older still, he claimed more dinosaurs and eventually joined up along side Charles Weyland's top scientists on a uncharted island which held a Weyland Yutani research facility. However, Brandon was only there to gain the advanced research he needed and once he obtained that research, he destroyed the facility by overloading the main reactor and causing a great explosion which killed all other scientists except for Weyland. Since that, he has done numerous tests on himself and other big projects of his, as well as acquiring a girlfriend whom he has come to love dearly. His current location is unknown, but many speculate that he has a hidden facility of his own.
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Brandon Johns
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