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 Pietro Mendes

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PostSubject: Pietro Mendes   Pietro Mendes EmptyThu May 16, 2013 1:27 am

Name: Pietro Mendes
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 6' 3"
Nationality: American
Appearance: Pietro is a tall individual & a well fit man. He can appear handsome to many & can charm many people as well with his looks. He has long, straightened silverfish/white hair with silver eyes much like his father, Magnus. His clothing normally consists with a single suit colored in green with white bolts. Much like the Marvel comic book character Quicksilver.
Personality: Pietro has shown to have quite the hot headed nature sometimes. He is always looking forward to a challenge. He loves to live life fast & at extreme speed. He often thinks very highly of himself, & thinks he is better then his opponents. He tends to favor strong dinosaurs, thinking the stronger, the faster, The Better. But Pietro has also show to have, at times, a rebellious nature. He tends to do things his way & no one else's. Sometimes he can be stubborn about things but when push comes to shove, he is not afraid to stand up for what he wants or for what he believes. This has ultimately given him a protective nature, especially over his two sisters, Wanda & Angela. But because he no longer pleases his father, Pietro can often feel depressed but sometimes he wont show his feelings. He will try & hide them sometimes & say he is fine. But deep down, all he wants is to be loved & appreciated.
Strengths: Competitive, Near perfect athletic capabilities, protective
Weaknesses: Stubborn, rebellious
JFC Experience: 2 year, 11 months
Biography: The son of Eric "Magnus" Mendes & the older brother of Angela & Wanda, Pietro was born as the eldest child in the family. AT first life was plentiful & promising for young Pietro. He lived with a loving family who he loved more then anything. He always enjoyed being with his little sister, Wanda & spending time with his father. He wasn't the brightest kid in his school but he excelled in gymnastics & sports. He proved to be one of the fastest kids in the entire school, thus earning the name "Quicksilver", which he's kept for his future gymnastics career he would have in the future. When his baby sister, Angela, was finally born, Pietro was very happy to have another little sister. He swore that he would always be by her side. Including Wanda's & thus swore to protect them. Much like his sisters, he two began to grow fascinated with dinosaurs & always wanted to have his very own. Though it was impossible back then. After a few years, when he left high school, he went to pursue his athletic career & went into the university to participate in their athletic program, including sports & other events. But soon, JFC came into their lives. Their father, fascinated himself, introduced them to the JFC experience & gave Pietro & Wanda their first dinosaurs. Both Velociraptors. Pietro soon began to train himself & his dinosaurs & thus entered the tournaments before his sisters. But eventually, something happened in the family. Something that he & his sisters could see. Their father soon grew a desire to preserve powerful, pure dinosaurs. To preserve them so that the human race would not affect them & threaten their existence. & thus, the family soon claimed the island known as Genosha, & it has been their home ever since. To Pietro, he enjoyed life on the island. There he felt like a prince. A ruler of a land. He lived there with his sisters until he left the island to pursue his career more & to attend more tournaments. Soon though, he would begin making friends with a rather unwelcoming crowd. A group of men, presumed to be JFC fighters, met Pietro whom befriended them & thus called themselves the "Brotherhood." While hanging with his new "friends" Pietro began to grow into a different person & his sisters began to see that. He started to become moredaring at times. More rebelliousin nature. Indeed, even in Magnus's eyes, this was not the son he remembered. They were good dinosaur fighters for a time & soon, Pietro invited them to come to Genosha to meet his family. But little did Pietro realize that these men....were infact poachers! Men who would steal dinosaurs for profit & gain! It was total chaos in Genosha when they arrived, but a furious Magnus immediately put an end to it all. After which, Magnus was furious with his son for his blindness & for his lack of care for the animals & the island. Therefore, Magnus banished Pietro from the island & not ever to return until the day Magnus see's fit for him to come home. Now, broken, & abandoned, Pietro spends his days alone & with his new roster of dinosaurs to fight in the tournaments. He now wishes to prove himself greater then his father's expectations & now aims to return home.....Even if he has to go against his father's word!
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Pietro Mendes
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