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 Jeremy Wade

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PostSubject: Jeremy Wade    Jeremy Wade  EmptySat May 18, 2013 7:19 pm

Name: Jeremy Wade
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 6 foot
Nationality: British
Appearance: A man in his fifties, Wade is very physically fit do the amount of activities he does in his pass time. He is rather tan with grey hair & whiskers on his face where a beard is most likely to form sometimes. He also had blue eyes & is often seen in typical field-work clothing.
Personality: Jeremy Wade is a man who loves the outdoors. He travels the world to explore the wonders of nature from the Amazon, to Africa. He enjoys animals very much & loves nothing more then a good fish on an easy afternoon. At times he is calm & is easy to get along with. He is very knowledgeable of animals, including marine animals, fish & dinosaurs. He also shows that he has a daring nature as well. Able to go on extreme adventures in search for dangerous animals. He is a man who knows much of the natural world & the dangers it holds, making him a strong, trustworthy survivalist.
Strengths: Calm, intellectual, informative, relaxed, daring, survivalist
Weaknesses: None
Profession: Television Host, author, survivalist
Hobbies: Exploring, writing, teaching about animals, dinosaurs, fishing
JFC Experience: 5 years
Jeremy Wade grew up in south-east England, on the banks of the Suffolk Stour, where his fascination with the underwater world began - and the desire to always see "what's around the next bend". His first overseas trip was to the mountain rivers of India , and since then he has increasingly spent his time tracking down large and little-known fish in rivers around the world - particularly in the Congo and Amazon rainforests.
"I don't see myself as a particularly expert angler," he says. "But what I am able to do is get into the kinds of places where outsiders don't normally go, with enough energy left to put a line in the water. Teaming up with local fishermen is vital to success, and what's great about this approach is that you get to see beneath the surface of diverse human cultures too."
In between catching fish (or, on some journeys, not catching fish), he has also caught malaria, been detained as a suspected spy, narrowly escaped drowning, been threatened at gunpoint, and survived a plane crash.
Soon, he co-wrote (with Paul Boote) 'Somewhere Down The Crazy River' - a book that is considered to be one of the classics of angling literature. He has also written on travel and natural history for publications including The Times, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, The Field and BBC Wildlife magazine.
During his career he has achieved a number of notable 'firsts'. These include filming a large mystery creature in an Amazon lake (dubbed 'the Amazon Nessie' by BBC Wildlife magazine), and getting the first underwater footage (with cameraman Rick Rosenthal) of the 'Giant Devil Catfish' in India.
His first TV series, Jungle Hooks, filmed for Discovery Europe, was one of the most-watched shows on multichannel TV when it was released. His most recent series, River Monsters, has achieved the highest ever audience figures in the history of Animal Planet US and is also attracting large audiences worldwide. He has a degree in zoology from Bristol University and a postgrad teaching certificate in biological sciences from the University of Kent, and has worked as a secondary school biology teacher.
Over the years, Wade has continued his work both in the field & on camera for his Discovery Series. But now, he has taken a great interest in the ever growing JFC community, as he was always interested in dinosaurs as a boy as well. When he finally entered, he obtained his very first dinosaurs- An all-Spinosaurid team. Since then, Wade has had a total of 5 years of experience & has managed to win a total of 7 tournaments.
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Jeremy Wade
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