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 John Hammond's Exclusive Tournament Island & Dinosaur Reserve

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John Hammond

John Hammond

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PostSubject: John Hammond's Exclusive Tournament Island & Dinosaur Reserve   Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:04 am

This is Eiland van die verlore, meaning "Island of the Lost" in the Afrikaans language, an island two-hundred miles off the African coast of Namibia. The island is not shown on any maps to date and is protected by the Namibia Defence Force. Privately owned by John Parker Hammond, he uses it as a natural habitat for his largest collection of dinosaurs that InGen is unaware of. Hammond also uses the island to host his exclusive dinosaur battle tournaments to prep others for the dinosaur fights of Jurassic Fight Club. The facility is in the center of the island and fenced off from Hammond's dinosaurian inhabitants. It has special living areas for the invited contestants and the work forces hired by John Hammond. It also features secure and natural holding enclosures for your dinosaurs, there are a total of twenty. Finally, there is a special training area that is available to train one dinosaur at a time against Hammond's collection of dinosaurs.

Here are the list of rules of the facility that cannot be broken. (Below)

1. You can't request to be invited, you will be invited through your message board by John Hammond himself.
2. You can pick a specific dinosaur to train.
3. The mini-tournaments go by three different ranked classifications of battles...they are the following: Light division-Dinosaurs 19 feet or less
Average Division-Dinosaurs between 20 to 31 feet
Heavy Division-Dinosaurs larger than 31 feet
4. The rules of Jurasssic Fight Club also apply here...break them and you will have tough consequences.
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John Hammond's Exclusive Tournament Island & Dinosaur Reserve
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