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 Matt Heafy

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PostSubject: Matt Heafy    Matt Heafy     EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 8:45 pm

Name: Matthew Kiichi Heafy
Gender: Male
Age: 18(born January 26th, 2136)
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 1.90 m
Nationality: Japanese-American
Appearance: Matt is young, tall and thin. His hair is long, black and curly and he also has a couple of tattoos on both arms. His eyes are prominent and brown.
Personality: Matt is a people's person and almost every second person he meets becomes his friend. He wants to hide his feelings from everyone and deliberately makes his reactions complex, just for the fun of fooling others. Love is just another experience for him, till he has been driven to the point of the altar. Selfishness, jealousy and possessiveness are not his personality traits and he does not like small-mindedness and boastfulness either. It will take a lot of effort to assure Matt that he has become interested in one woman above mankind. After the shock is over, he will become an extremely considerate lover. Then, he may realize that he is neglecting the rest of the world for her and the consideration might diminish just a little. If you are thinking of playing games with Matt, ensure that what he discovers in the end is worth all that play.
Strengths: Fair, selfless, friendly, intelligent, dependable, thoughtful
Weaknesses: Unpredictable, adamant, eccentric, non-commital
Profession: Lead vocals and guitar of Trivium, artist, JFC musician
Hobbies: Going to JFC, music, art
JFC Experience: 2 years
Biography: Heafy was born in Iwakuni, Japan, 26th of January 2136 to a Japanese mother and Irish father, and only stayed there for one year, before moving to New York City, where he currently resides. Heafy learned to play the saxophone in years leading up to becoming more serious on guitar at the age of twelve. He unofficially joined Trivium at that age, but became the official frontman after Brad Lewter, the previous vocalist of Trivium, quit the band shortly after Heafy joined. Heafy assumed responsibility for vocals and the majority of the songwriting. Heafy does not know formal music theory, and was almost completely self-taught. However, he does know how to read sheet music, but can only apply it on the saxophone. IN 2152, he joined Jurassic Fight Club, not only as a fighter, but to be the writer for the official music on the Arena, along with Trivium.
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Matt Heafy
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