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 Stark Mansion, California

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Stark Mansion, California Empty
PostSubject: Stark Mansion, California   Stark Mansion, California EmptySat Jun 15, 2013 8:26 pm

Settled directly on the west coast of California & owned by Anthony Stark, the mansion is vast & large, with much money invested in it's creation. A perfect, luxurious home for a multi-billion dollar business owner. The mansion has three key floors. The first floor is the living quarters, with a dining room, a personal bar, a workout room, a DJ & party room, & a beautiful living room with the most wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean. Outside, there is a balcony often used for parties & an outdoor swimming pool. The top floor is where Stark's bedroom is. Along with a view other rooms for their clothes & one for Jennifer. The bottom, sub-level floor, is known as Stark's personal fun-house. Here, like in Stark Tower, Stark keeps his inventions & vast technologies here. Even personal projects he works on. He keeps a personal collection of self-made automobiles of such vast design & fortune & also keeps a second Hall of Iron Man armor. Stark's artificial intelligence, JARVIS, runs as the mansion's "Butler."

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Stark Mansion, California
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