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 Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire

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Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire Empty
PostSubject: Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire   Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire EmptySun Jun 16, 2013 7:12 pm

Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire 385339_421463837924571_976414760_n
A vast & growing empire & Kingdom formed in the 14th century, The Central European Empire is the Kingdom of the tyrannical Luther Von Mayhem, the kingdom's current ruler & monarch. It is one of the fastest growing nations in the world & is one of the largest countries in Europe. The only nation who has ever brought utter defeat to the Russians & the Chinese & with one of the largest, most powerful armies of all Europe. With territories & borders expanding over current countries such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia & more & with Latveria being it's close neighboring country. The population is over sixty five million people. The type of Government  is an absolute Monarchy & Dictatorship & languages spoken here include English, German, Hungarian, Latin, Greek & Latverian on occasion. The Kingdom has thrived for hundreds of years & still thrives today with it's rich culture. Despite the evil of Luther Von Mayhem, the kingdom is very peaceful & it's surrounding geography makes it a very beautiful haven & is one of the leading nations of advanced technology. The royal capital & the throne of Von Mayhem is the city known as Devoltstadt. Here, Von Mayhem's castle stands tall before all others upon the mountain slopes, where it oversee's the kingdom. In the city lies a massive colloseum where dinosaurs are placed to fight! The rules of JFC apply to the fights & the tournaments are placed in 5 different rounds. Only the most powerful & the most worthy are capable of challenging Von Mayhem himself. Visitors are welcome to visit the Kingdom at their own free will. But be warned! The word of Von Mayhem is law! This is a land of peace & a land of absolute order! Fail to obey the will of Mayhem....& the consequences will be severe!
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Devoltstadt- The Central European Empire
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