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 Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P)

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Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P) Empty
PostSubject: Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P)   Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P) EmptySun Jun 30, 2013 11:06 pm

Name: Natsu
Gender: male
Species: Ceratosaurus nascicornis
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Natsu is Erza's most prized possesion & most experienced dinosaur in her team. He is mostlly green & orange in color. He is only vicious when it comes to fighting other dinosaurs.
Experience: 4 years
Size: 20 ft long, 9 ft tall, 1/2 a ton
Speed: medium
Bite force: powerful
Weapons: teeth, jaws, & claws
Basic attacks: bite & slash
Combo attacks: 1. Bite and Tug- He will run forward and bite down on his opponents neck before pulling back, causing deep wounds. (This attack causes bleeding and eventually causes unconsciousness)
2. "1,2,3"- He will charge towards his rival, push against the right flank, slash with his right hand, and finally headbutt his rival.
3. "Fear Me"- He will flush blood to his face and cause it to become bright red. (This causes his rival to stall an attack and works best on dinosaurs 30 feet or smaller)
4. Heavy Blow- In a defensive move, Narsu will turn to the side and if attack, he will swing his tail and hit the opponent's flank.
5. Loud Scream taunt- Roars very loudlly at his opponent to scare or intiminate it.
Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P) Cerato10


Name: Happy
Gender: male
Species: Coelophysis bauri
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Happy is Erza's smallest dinosaur. He greatlly resembles the Coelophysis from Walking with Dinosaurs. He is mostlly her pet, & usually doesn't fight.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 10 ft long, 5 ft tall, 300 lbs
Speed: medium
Bite force: very weak
Weapons: teeth, jaws, & claws
Basic attacks: bite & slash
Combo attacks: 1. Ankle Bitter- No matter how large her opponent is, she will bite the ankles of her opponent, causing slight pain & annoyance.
2. Side Slash- Runs up to her opponent if it's larger than her, then leaps on its side & scratches it's sides.
Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P) Coelop10
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Erza Scarlet's dinosaurs "Fairy Tail" (W.I.P)
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