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 Brandon's Dinosaur Collection

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: Brandon's Dinosaur Collection   Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:43 pm

Name: Fortress
Gender: Female
Species: Euoplocephalus Tutus
Diet: Ferns and small conifer trees.
Appearance: This is a battle tank among the ankylosaur family. Fortress is covered in thick armor including spikes along with osteoderms and a club tail built for defensive attacks. Her two primary colors are dark brown and grayish yellow.
Experience: Years of experience defending against rival females and predators.
Size: 20 feet long, 4 feet tall at head height, and weighs 4000 pounds.
Speed: Very slow and lumbering herbivore, but can swing her tail club with surprising speed.
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: Tail club and spikes.
Basic attacks: Tail swing and slow charge.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Bunker"- She will lay down against the ground to protect her vulnerable underbelly and only the strongest dinosaurs can push her over or up again (Her attack power is reduced since her tail can't swing as fast)
2. Bone Strike- She will swing her tail club at an opponent and a connected hit will deal substantial damage (Striking the leg of a large opponent will slow them down for a period of time, but a strike to the head is an instant knockout)
3. Deflection Plating- Her armor is very thick and can withstand even the strongest teeth and claws (Smaller theropods will do less damage when attacking armored sections, larger theropods cannot bite through her armor)

Name: Cold Shield
Gender: Female
Species: Arrhinoceratops brachyops
Diet: Ferns and plants.
Appearance: A veteran of combat, Cold Shield bears the scars of a hard life. Many shades of blue adorn this ceratopsian and she has quills along her back and tail. Her brow horns are her main weapons to wield against attackers.
Experience: Years of experience battling rival ceratopsians and fending off predators.
Size: 20 feet long, 5 feet tall, and weighs 2,159 pounds.
Speed: Fairly average running/charging speed, but agile side movements.
Bite force: For a herbivore, her beak can deliver some serious force.
Weapons: Horns and shield.
Basic attacks: Charge, horn swing, and shove.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Toothpick Fling"- Cold Shield has an unusual but effective defense; she can use the quills one her back and tail to prick an attacker which break off from her body. (The quills cause irritation and can injure smaller opponents)
2. "Two swords and a Blade"- Her main attack, she will use her brow horns and her nose horn to impale or cut an opponent.

Name: Leonidas
Gender: Male
Species: Edmontosaurus Regalis
Diet: Plants, mainly fern trees and shrubs.
Appearance: The largest herbivore in Brandon's collection, Leonidas is the least armored of his collection. But the large size of this herbivore still makes him a difficult target. The primary colors of this Edmontosaurus are brown, grey, and shades of dull orange.
Experience: Mostly a herding dinosaur, though he can defend himself if necessary.
Size: 39 feet long, 10 feet tall on all fours, and weighs 8,000 pounds.
Speed: Above average running speed for a herbivore of his size.
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: Size and tail.
Basic attacks: Run, push, and tail swing.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Spear Tipped"- The upper body of Leonidas has a line of bony projections extending from the base of the head to the end of the tail...this protects him from upward strikes from the jaws of carnivores.
2. Foot Clobber- Her can use his front feet to cause some damage to an opponent and stop a frontal attack.
3. "Push comes to Shove"- Her can use his large bulk to trample or knock over oppoents. (Trample applies to dinosaur less than 25 feet and push applies to dinosaurs around 30 to 40 feet)

Name: Knifehead
Gender: Male
Species: Therosaurus Ceratus
Creator: Brandon Johns
Date of Creation: November 8th, 2008.
Diet: Large herbivores and smaller theropods are taken as prey.
Appearance: This large and terrifying theropod was created by genetically combining the D.N.A of the tyrannosaurid Albertosaurus and the ceratosaurid Genyodectes. This predator boasts both powerful jaws and slashing claws along with a massive nasal horn which can be used in combat. His main colors include shades of brown, green, and gold. Females of the species are slightly smaller, are mainly grey in color, and boast smaller nasal horns.
Experience: A lethally equipped carnivore, he has the brain power to grant him many techniques to fight against rival predators and prey alike.
Size: 40 feet long, 12 feet tall, and weighs 10,000 pounds.
Speed: Slightly below average running speed.
Bite force: With a balanced genetic crossover between the two species used to create Fatalis, he has a fairly strong amount of power in his bite.
Weapons: Jaws, claws, size, nasal horn, and tail.
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, tail whip, and charge.
Combo attacks: He is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Double Danger"- With long yet thick teeth, his jaws are designed for both power and slicing capabilities.
2. "Horned Dragon"- Likely his most dangerous attack, Fatalis will charge at opponents with his enlarged nasal horn and a connecting attack will cause bruising and shock.
3. Grappling Hooks- His strong arms tipped with sharp claws can be used to grab onto rivals around his size. (This can't be used on opponents smaller than 25 feet and opponents can escape)
4. Five Ton Charge- Knifehead can charge and use his bulk to push or knock over opponents/ (Can be dodged by smaller opponents)
Strengths: Large size, armored skin, and intimidating appearance.
Weaknesses: Slow speed, average intelligence, and less effective against armored dinosaurs such as akylosaurids or sauropods larger than 50 feet.
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John Hammond


Posts : 613
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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Brandon's Dinosaur Collection   Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:23 am

Name: Bella
Gender: Female
Species: Oviraptor Philoceratops
Diet: Omnivorous, mostly insects and fern leaves.
Appearance: A curious and flashy creature, Bella serves as a living alarm system for the Tera-Dome facility's perimeter. Though she isn't as colorful as a male of her species, she can use her coloration to dazzle and confuse potential predators. Oddly enough, she shares a close bond to Brandon's commanding general, Blood Feather. Rarely does she stray far from him unless she is told to stay behind.
Experience: Little combat experience.
Size: 6 feet long, 3 feet tall, and weighs 110 pounds.
Speed: Relatively fast running speed.
Bite force: Average for a beaked theropod.
Weapons: Beak and feet.
Basic attacks: Peck, kick, and scream.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Feathered Kick Boxer"- She can leap into the air and kick her feet in rapid succession.

Name: Gek
Gender: Male
Species: Cryolophosaurus Ellioti
Diet: Meat, small to medium-sized herbivores.
Appearance: If Bella is the alarm of the Tera-Dome facility, then Gek is the guard dog. Beautifully colored yet deadly, he patrols the inside of the facility on some few occasions though usually stays around the outer perimeter. Tolerant of the usual guards, he will only spring into an aggressive state if her spots intruders first. A number of his species reside in the forests of the Tera-Dome where they are usually safe from most competitors.
Experience: A well rounded fighter, Gek is able to take on dinosaurs slightly larger than himself when necessary.
Size: 21 feet long, 7 and a half feet, and weighs 1,025 pounds.
Speed: Average running speed.
Bite force: Relatively weak bite force.
Weapons: Jaws, claws, and weight.
Basic attacks: Claw, bite, slash, and kick.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Adding to the load"- A tactical move, Gek will leap onto the side of an opponent while clawing and biting at them. He will readily use their own weight against them to topple them over.
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Brandon's Dinosaur Collection
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