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 The Tera-Dome: The Ultimate Dinosaur Region

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John Hammond

John Hammond

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PostSubject: The Tera-Dome: The Ultimate Dinosaur Region   Sat Aug 10, 2013 8:40 pm

In the Indian Ocean between the island countries of Madagascar and Sri Lanka is a very large terraformed island which has an area of four thousand square miles, larger than the island of Buru in Indonesia. Over the island and taking in some of the ocean habitat around the island is a massive dome structure that protects the island from natural disasters or events. Lush forests abound, mountains have been formed, river systems cut through the island to provide freshwater, and even an inland sea is featured in this terraformed location. The mastermind behind this is Brandon Johns and a number of scientists, architects, and a personal special operations team. The dome around the island has been specially designed to be able to create environmental changes such as rainy or dry season periods to provide a natural setting for the islands Mesozoic residents. From sauropods and theropods to prehistoric marine reptiles and pterosaurs, this is the most advanced dinosaur facility in the world; with secrets that few are even aware of...for now anyway.
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The Tera-Dome: The Ultimate Dinosaur Region
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