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 Katie Williams aka "Starfire"

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Katie Williams aka "Starfire" Empty
PostSubject: Katie Williams aka "Starfire"   Katie Williams aka "Starfire" EmptyTue Aug 13, 2013 2:11 am

Name: Katie Williams aka "Starfire"
Gender: female
Age: 18
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Nationality: American/ Asgaurdian
Appearance: Starfire is shown to be quite pretty. Her eyes, hair, skin, and outfit view her as colorful. Her long fiery-red hair is down to her waist and straight with bangs. She has small eyebrows, and green eyes with light-green scleras. She is tall, with tan skin, and her outfit is mostly purple with a belt, her neck and arm plates being silver. She wears a sleeveless top showing her midriff, a purple mini-skirt, and thigh-high purple boots.
Personality: Starfire is joyous, naive, and somewhat insecure, but her naivete is not to be mistaken for stupidity. She takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others argue or fight. She is arguably the most social of the two siblings, her sister being Nami Williams. Above all, she wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for everyone to get along. She also insists on sharing her own customs with others.
Strengths: sweet, kind, caring, loving
Weaknesses: often short tempered, can get serious in serious situations, can often get confused at times
Profession: none
Hobbies: traveling with her sister, dinosaurs
JFC Experience: 1 year
Biography: Katie Williams, "Starfire," was born and raised on the city of Asguard before adopted by the parents of Nami Williams andbeconing the little sister & best friend of Nami. The Asguardians are an emotional culture who see feelings as the force that drives their very livelihood. Because of this, Katie is inherently the most sensitive little sister. Nami had eventually began giving Katie the nickname "Starfire," as she said that her eyes are as pretty as the stars & her firey hair is beutifull, & Katie approved of this & loved the nickname automatically. Starfire was cared for as a child by her sister, who taught her alot of things about life & went to the same school as Nami. Starfire's only family of which was known the series is her real, older sister, Blackfire (who is in prison for terrible crimes she has done). She doesn't know that her parents died. It is unknown on how her parents died. Now, Katie has graduated high school & has a year in the JFC experience, as it was Nami who got her into it & she has a few dinosaurs of her own.
Katie Williams aka "Starfire" Starfi10
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Katie Williams aka "Starfire"
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