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 Side character mini bio's

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Curt Von Doom

Curt Von Doom

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Side character mini bio's Empty
PostSubject: Side character mini bio's   Side character mini bio's EmptyMon Sep 23, 2013 3:29 am

As the title of this topic says, this is where you can make mini bios for any side characters of the rpg here. But to avoid double posting & such, you must edit the post with new mini characters you already have in the post. So without further ado, post your mini character bios now!

Bio Sheet

*center photo here*
Personality: (3 sentences minimum)
Bio: (4 sentences minimum)

Side character mini bio's Sakura11
Name: Sakura Haruno
Gender: female
Age: 19
Personality: Sakura has a personality of a normal girl her age. But if other people makes her mad, she might give them a punch to the face, litterally! She enjoys a good adventure whenever one comes along.
Likes: martial arta/ kung fu fights, avdentures, friendlly rivarlly things with Ino Yamanaka
Dislikes: people who pick on her of make her mad
Bio: Sakura is Ino Yamanaka's good friend & gonsidered her "Rival" in a friendlly way. She was born in Japan & has been friends with Ino ever since grade school. She learnt the ways of martial arts/ kung fu when she was younger & has gotten very good at it now. She usually sticks around Ino when she goes on an adventure.

Side character mini bio's Rosario-to-Vampire.Kurumu-Kurono.640x960-3
Name: Kurumu Kurono
Gender: female
Age: 17
Personality: Kurumu is a fun loving girl who loves to do outdoor activities. She is often seen trying to flirt with boys in her school, using her natural good looks to charm them & often tries to seduce them. She is often seen trying to make Moka Akashiya jealous by trying to steal Tskune from her.
Likes: swimming, sports, flirting
Dislikes: getting jealous, rejecton from boys, spiders, snakes
Bio: Kurumu's main history is unknown. She goes to the same school as Tskune & Moka goes to in Japan. She is real good friends with Moka & Tskune, despite her flirtacious nature & her with Moka being rivals in a friendly way & "fighting" over poor Tskune. She's into dinosaurs, but not he JFC community, she's more of a supporative character than a dinosaur fighter.
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Kristoff Madeline

Kristoff Madeline

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Side character mini bio's Empty
PostSubject: Re: Side character mini bio's   Side character mini bio's EmptyFri Nov 08, 2013 9:41 pm

Side character mini bio's 906491_459655257438762_1177875134_o

Name: Joe Fixit, "The Hulk"
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Personality: Before the accident, Joe Fixit was a hard working man who always did the best he could. He was a man who knew right from wrong. Mnay of these traits still hold true. However, since the accident, his intelligence has lowered & now behaves similar to a child, with violent mood swings that occasionally happen & is easily enraged
Likes: Peace, quiet time, being with close friends
Dislikes: Being made mad, people who make him mad
Bio: Joe Fixit was once a man who worked at one of the bases in the Western United states. A base know to the military as  "Gamma Base." Where they mostly specialize in nuclear production. Including the creation of bombs & other weapons to be tested. However, one fateful day, Joe Fixit was caught in an accident & a blast of gamma rays! His body was bombarded with the powerful raise & miraculously survived with intense levels of radiation. But at a terrible price. He had soon transformed & his body had been altered from the intense radiation levels. He now stands nearly ten feet tall & nearly weights over nine hundred pounds, with heightened, immense strength & physical prowess. His intelligence, however, has dramatically decreased. Thanks to the help of Doctor David Banner, a specialist & expert of Gamma Radiation & his assistance/wife, Betty, Joe is in good hands & may very well be on the track of finding a cure.
Side character mini bio's DR_ABRAHAM_ERSKINE_stanley_tucci

Name: Abraham Erskine
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Personality: Erskine is an open minded & calm man. He is a kind hearted individual who always see's potential in even what may seem to be the smallest things. He has a strong believe many things are not made great by what appears on the outside. But it is the thing within that defines greatness.
Likes: Conversations, peace, working
Dislikes: Bad men, bullies, anything that does bad
Bio: Abraham Erskine is a brilliant German scientist. So brilliant, shockingly, that he was even a member of the science division in the terrorist organization- HYDRA! Surprisingly, he was even a close associate of Arnim Zola, HYDRA's leading scientist. Abraham was in the works of an enhanced serum that he believed could perfect the human body. However, HYDRA sought to take this to their advantage & demanded that Abraham not only pace his research, but duplicate the serum for their armies! Realizing their horrible & evil intent & seeing that they only wanted to use his research for their own benefit & to harm others, Abraham fled the country & abandoned HYDRA.
After a year of keeping a low profile, Erskine came to America in the hopes of starting a new life. & this time, to use his knowledge to help others & for good, rather then evil. Which brought the moment where he soon introduced his research to US Army. A project in which had been first done in WWII & was thought to have been lost. A project called "Project- Rebirth." In WWII, the serum was developed to increase the human potential in the body. To create the first "Super Soldiers." The first & thought to have been the last was Steve Rogers, the original Captain America. But when Erskine soon found out that the American Legend had a descendant, he was shocked & amazed to find that the very same blood & serum's secrets were inside none other then Nathanial Rogers. They just needed to be re-awakened. Erskine soon met Nathanial Rogers & after discussing to him about his amazing gifts & secrets locked inside his body, Rogers agreed to participate in his experiment- to reawaken & recharge the serum inside Roger's veins. It is because of Erskine that Nathanial has been transformed into the legend he is today. It is because Erskine believes that Roger's stands out from all men. Because he is not a good soldier......But a good man.
Side character mini bio's Ultron_Image_Proposal

Name: Ultron
Gender: N/A
Age: N/A
Personality: Being a robotic being, Ultron is incapable of sharing or displaying any form of emotion or personality. However, he seems to be calculative & incredibly intelligent.
Likes: Has no likes
Dislikes: Has no dislikes
Bio: Ultron is a robot created by Baron Heinrich Zemo. To date, Zemo has created Ultron to be the most advance robotic ever to be made by man. His AI is based on the Human mind, & is able to hack, access & tamper with countless networks faster then any super computer on the planet. Zemo has also programmed Ultron with weapons systems & has been seen being capable of exploiting enemy weaknesses & even exterminate large battle units such as tanks. Ultron serves the Baron with unquestioned loyalty. & despite the Baron's close ties with HYDRA, the robot will answer to absolutely no one. Not even the Red Skull himself! He answers to one man & one man only- Zemo.
Side character mini bio's Whiplash_IV
Name: Anton Vanko; Whiplash
Gender: Male
Age: Late 30's
Personality: Vanko is an intelligent man. However, he does not use such intelligence well. He is cold hearted, & a determined man when carrying out a task.
Likes: Good work, good pay, being stronger
Dislikes: people getting in his way, being foiled
Bio: Anton Vanko was once a Russian genius turned criminal! Under the name "Whiplash", he was one of Russia's most wanted men & has often targeted a common enemy of his future employee for his technology- Anthony Stark, which is primarily what most of his vast tech is made from. However, he was soon approached by a group known as the "Ten Rings" & their leader- The Mandarin. It was clear that the two had a common enemy & Vanko soon agreed to work with the Mandarin. Thus, he was hired & now works as one of the Mandarin's most lethal enforcers!
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Side character mini bio's
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