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 Natural Selection

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"Shakespeare once said that their is nothing either good or bad, but think makes itself; some people believe this". "Everyday we see evil men that command in faith...everyday, good men live like rebels in our casts of evil by the very people they save". "As for me, I don't believe it...deep within the truth I know that there is true good and evil in the universe...I've seen it". "Can good and evil be confused; yes, but that doesn't change that fact that evil isn't always there...waiting...watching...the only thing we can do is fight it with what we can". "Or in my case...balance both sides and become the perfect being, intelligent with two separate minds working hand in hand". "They say having an alter ego is a curse, but not in my case...this is my story".
Chapter I:Descent to the Surface
The Tera-Dome; a biological wonder beheld by the eyes of few and most no one knows of its secrets. The island is the perfect environment for prehistoric life from dinosaurs to ancient crocodilians, this is as natural as it can get. Though a single and large facility does exist on the terraformed island and the island itself is covered by a large dome which enters into the ocean, the inhabitants are usually safe from most peering eyes.
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Natural Selection
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