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 Doomstadt, Latveria

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Curt Von Doom

Curt Von Doom

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PostSubject: Doomstadt, Latveria   Doomstadt, Latveria EmptyWed Nov 14, 2012 7:19 pm

Doomstadt, Latveria 406px-Latveria
The city of Doomstadt in the small European country of Latveria is the town where Doctor Curt Von Doom rules as the king. Here, Doom's word is law! In the middle of the city lies a massive castle, where Curt rules as king! The castle itself has been standing tall & strong ever since the middle ages! The city itself is a good vacation spot for those wanting a vacation. Behind the castle is a massive colloseum-like structure, where training battles take place. There is also a small zoo where dinosaurs live at as well. When visiting here, don't make trouble, go by the law of the king, or suffer the consequences of Doctor Doom!
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Doomstadt, Latveria
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