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 Viper aka- "Madame Hydra"

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PostSubject: Viper aka- "Madame Hydra"   Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:45 pm

Name: Viper, "Madame Hydra"
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5'8"
Nationality: German/British
Appearance: As one of the leading ranks of HYDRA, Viper wears a classic green military uniform of leather. The rest of hre clothing is made for the high fashion such as her high healed boots. Most often she is also seen carrying her duel pistols & other dangerous weapons on her. Her hair is dyed with a hue of dark green and her lips are also green. Whats strikes people the most is her irresistible charm & beauty. She is a very beautiful looking woman, but she is armed to the teeth! With tons of different weapons she carries with her such as pistols, explosives & a whip.
Personality: In all short, Viper is like the rose in the garden. She is beautiful, but like the thorns, she is dangerous. Viper's very personality makes her a dangerous & very manipulative individual. She uses her charm to get things her way and can manipulate other men to do her dirty work just from a simple asked request. She is a woman who does not tolerate lightly with things not going her way & is easily angered. Being one of the most dangerous individuals in the ranks of HYDRA, she is nasty to the core! Ever since the creation of HYDRA's dinosaurs, Viper ha taken a special interest in them, using the dinosaurs for her evil & criminal deeds.
Profession: One of the leading ranks of HYDRA
Strengths: Manipulation of men & others, charm, strategically intelligent
Weaknesses: Someone denying her beauty, being 2nd to anyone, especially in beauty & charm, egotistical
Hobbies: Brutal dinosaur fights, target practicing
JFC Experience: 5 years
Biography: Born in London, Viper was raised in one of the wealthiest & luxurious homes in the country side. She was able to get what she wanted, whenever she wanted. Causing her to become rather spoiled. Later in her life, she began to become more beautiful and at the same time, more manipulative. She would use other people to do her work and soon, she sought more plans to get what she desired & thus started her own secret gang to steal jewels and other valuable treasures. During these times, she also received military training & perfected her combat skills & the use of firearms. This made her a likely candidate for the organization know to the world as "HYDRA." She was perfect for the ranks. Before long, she was approached by The Red Skull himself, who promised her she would gain an even greater treasure then jewels- The World! Unable to resist such an offer, Viper accepted the Red Skull's offer & is now one of the leading ranks of the organization! She has become even more sinister and has found a new interest in the HYDRA Dinosaurs. Using them to carry out her villainous deeds.
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Viper aka- "Madame Hydra"
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