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 Simon Jameson Ritona

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PostSubject: Simon Jameson Ritona   Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:02 am

Name: Simon Jameson Ritona.
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 4'6"
Nationality: American
Appearance: Simon's wears the typical type of clothing found for a boy his age. He wears a red jacket but thanks to his older sister's boyfriend, he goes shirtless underneath. He also wears a pair of typical summer shorts and wears a par of fancy sunglasses her sister ought for him.
Personality: Fun loving & energetic, Simon has always kept an adventurous spirit at an earlier age. His sister introduced him into the passion of dinosaur & has become obsessed with them ever since. He's always hoping to become just like his big sister when he's older & always does his best to help her out with anything. Whether to cheer her up for around the lab. Though being a little brother, he can be quite the little nuisance at times. But he can be easily spooked & frightened & shy towards others
Profession: None. Just loves being with his sister
Strengths: Kind, generous, fun loving, curious, wants to learn
Weaknesses: shy towards pretty women, a brat to his older sister, sad when something goes wrong. easily scared
Hobbies: Playing games, dinosaurs, drawing, movies, books
JFC Experience: None.
Biography: Simon is the little baby brother of Yoko Littner Ritona. Raised in the same home & born when she was nearly a teen. Ever since, the little guy has always looked up to his big sister with love & support and has always dreamed of becoming just like her one day & even hopes to work along side her in the vet someday. Ever since his fascination with dinosaurs, he is also inspired to dig for their bones & is often nicknamed "Simon the Digger" by his sister. To this day, he lives with his big sister & her boyfriend, Kamina Jiha, in which the two always call one another "bro" &, perhaps, he may wish to have Kamina as his possible future brother in law. But he is almost unaware of the past that his big sister keeps secret from him. Of the conflict many years ago with Team Gurren & the villain known as "The Spiral King." But as Kamina would say, it would be best if he never knew.
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Simon Jameson Ritona
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