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 The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve

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The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve Empty
PostSubject: The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve   The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve EmptySat Dec 01, 2012 6:40 pm

The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve P1080554%20bai%20in%20Salonga%20NP%20MAIN
The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa...famous for its annual migration of wildebeests zebras. Its a spectacular place to see some of Africa's greatest animals, from lions and crocodiles to elephants and impala. The park is funded by the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, which is responsible for sustaining and researching the local wildlife. Now however, they get to research and study animals of a different nature...and its all thanks to Robert T. Bakker.
Not far from Serengeti National Park, there is another animal conservation area, the Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve. Founded by Robert Bakker and funded by the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, this is a dinosaur reserve where guests can come and see unique dinosaurs in a all natural environment, with the dinosaurs separated from the outside world by the natural geography of this wondrous location. The reserve covers 6,000 square miles of perfect, African habitat to support the great variety of dinosaurs that live here. The most famous, rare, and exotic dinosaurs imaginable call the reserve their home. There is only one, major facility for guests to stay in...and it happens to be settled by a newly discovered river where dinosaurs come down to drink at. Guests also have access to a larger part of the facility in which they can have dinosaurs battles, but they aren't tournaments, they are to prep guests for actual tournaments...so come and see the grandeur of the greats dinosaur reserve in the world. Its an experience you will never forget, as stated by Robert Bakker himself.
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The Serengeti Dinosaur Reserve
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