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 Hydra Island

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PostSubject: Hydra Island   Hydra Island EmptySat Dec 01, 2012 9:59 pm

Hydra Island Evorian_Island_Fortress
An unknown & uncharted island in the middle of the vast stretches of the Atlantic Ocean, Hydra Island is one of the 3 major strongholds of the operations made by the terrorist organization known as HYDRA. The island itself is surrounded by a series of large jagged cliffs & rocks that make exploration on the island by boat or sea nearly impossible. Its mountain walls & rocky peeks & pillars are nearly impenetrable. The most safest way possible to venture here is by aircraft & even then, the danger is imminent. The entire coats line & the waters that surround the island are concealed by thick layers of fog that stretch for hundreds of yards. Inside the island is the base of operations itself. Equipped with it's own landing space & housing some of the world's most advanced technology. Like the rest of the HYDRA bases. Here, the organization tends to work more on the military operations, where soldiers train with their elite dinosaurs & weapons new are tested. The organization carry out most of their military operations & further planning here. It is here where soldiers come to train. Along with their dinosaurs. It is here where dinosaurs are made to become the ultimate fighting machines. To become the "Perfect Saurians." The island is home to a massive arena where the forces of HYDRA train & battle with their dinosaurs, while they are kept in secure enclosures. It is also here that two of the leading members of the organization reside- Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker & Madame Hydra. All those who would challenge the power of HYDRA come here to partake in a series of battles & advancements. There are 5 matches total & each one only gets harder as you advance. But if you loose, you loose completely without a second chance. No rematches & no exceptions. Challengers are to only use 1 dinosaur pure fight & they must use that 1 dinosaur for all 5 fights. In the semi final fight, challengers go up against Madame Hydra & the final fight, is Baron Strucker himself!

Outsiders are forbidden! Those who trespass will suffer by the hand of HYDRA! You venture here at your own peril. Beware.....
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Hydra Island
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