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 A message for those who dare challenge HYDRA!

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Kristoff Madeline


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PostSubject: A message for those who dare challenge HYDRA!   Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:33 pm

This is a new factor to the games & the matches that are hosted here on HYDRA island. Those who loose shall pay a price! The cost will be dearly & it will be followed by the word & law that is HYDRA! Challengers who loose shall have the option to to pay a price to the organization! The loosers, those who foolishly challenge the organization must either surrender to the will of HYDRA & from there, do whatever bidding we desire (From there we will decide your freedom if such thing shall be available), or you are to be taken with your dinosaurs as prisoners! Your only way out is if another challenger wishes to win & seek your freedom along with your dinosaurs! From which HYDRA will have full access to use as we please.
Pray it is not you...

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A message for those who dare challenge HYDRA!
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