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 Eric (Hoss) Cartwright

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PostSubject: Eric (Hoss) Cartwright   Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:17 am

Name: Eric (Hoss) Cartwright
Gender: male
Age: 32
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 6 ft 4 in
Nationality: American
Appearance: Hoss, like most cowboys, wears the traditonal outfit of them. Unlike his dad, he has blue eyes, which he tooken from his mother. He is a large strong man, but can be as gentle as a feather.
Personality: Hoss is a fun guy too be around. He likes to go on adventures & have fun with people. He also likes to rough house with his 2 brothers. Hoss also likes to be with new people & interested in dinosaurs he learned from his dad. If someone messes with him & asks for a fight, Hoss will ave no trouble finishing a fight, either with words or fists.
Strengths: Strong (both physically & mentally), kind, fair, generous
Weaknessess: anger, fights, theives, being blamed for crimes he didn't do
Profession: farmer, rancher
Hobbies: farmer, rancher, dinosaurs, adventures, rough housing a bit
JFC Experience: 1 year
Biography: Ben's 2nd born son Eric, also known as Hoss. The nickname was used as a nod to the character's ample girth, an endearing term for "big and friendly", used by his Swedish mother, or a rib to his humiliating, failed attempt to break a horse . In the Bonanza flashback , his mother Inger names him Eric after her father. To satisfy young Adam, Inger and Ben agree to try the nickname Hoss and "see which one sticks". " Inger says of "hoss", "In the mountain country, that is the name for a big, friendly man." Like his brother & father, he too has gotten interested in both dinosaurs & JFC & also waits for many new adventures in the world.
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Eric (Hoss) Cartwright
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