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 Baron Heinrich Zemo

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PostSubject: Baron Heinrich Zemo   Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:00 pm

Name: Heincrich Zemo
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
Height: 6'7"
Nationality: German
Appearance: Baron Zemo is a man that is not afraid to show his higher authority & heritage through his clothing. He bears the outfit of the "Baron" blood line of great nobility & wears the crown of the one who is titled "The Baron." Clothed in a dark purple set of clothes with a mask covering his face after a freak lab accident & for claiming the title of his long aged lineage. A large golden belt straps around his mid section as well, sporting a pair of golden gloves & boots. On the edge of both his shoulders & the ends of his boots is a padding of white spotted fur to carry his heritage & for recognition of high authority. He is also equipped with a gun holster which holds a Mauser c96 pistol and is also equipped with a long sword used for combat. Given to him at an early age in as a gift from his bloodline. As a high ranking member of HYDRA, he is sometimes seen in a dark, leather military coat in which augments his more sinister & cold side! Yet it also augments a sense of great nobility & high authority as well.
Personality: Being one of the most intellectual men on the planet, Zemo is also one of the most dangerous. His advanced mind lets him excel in the vast field of science & has constructed several revolutionary inventions in which he uses for his own villainous purposes. In fact it was his ancestor who invented the very first working robot back in World War 2 against the allies. With the title as "Baron" he is a man of reputation. Claiming a high authority that makes him on the same level as with king's & monarchs. Though he rules no actual country. His devious nature makes him a dangerous being. Cruel, cold, devious & manipulative, Zemo is known to outsmarting his opponents time & time again to make them understand just how pathetic they really are to him. Time again he has also shown to have an ego, believing that no man or law is above the name of Baron Zemo! He is especially dangerous when armed or even when paired with his dinosaurs. As he has an advanced knowledge of strategic battle scenarios & is an expert in hand to hand combat. His preferred weapon: the sword. His sly, cold, manipulative nature, combined with his superior intellect, make Baron Zemo a force the be reckoned with even outside the ranks of HYDRA.
Profession: "The Baron", head of HYDRA's science division.
Strengths: Authority, Genius level intellect, master of dinosaur combat
Weaknesses: arrogant, egotistical, fowl tempered, his hatred for Nathanial Rogers
Hobbies: Creating new inventions for his own purposes, creating dinosaurs, assisting HYDRA with domination.
JFC Experience: 7 years
Biography: A man shrouded in mystery, much is unknown of Baron Heinrich Zemo. He was born & is a part of an ancient blood line of noble upper class in which each generation is crowned & entitled "The Baron." It is a blood line that has existed ever since Medieval times. The ancient clan had since claimed a large castle as the home in the vast fields of ancient Germany. Known to this day as "Castle Zemo." Heinrich Zemo is the latest to be given & crowned the title as "The Baron" and has since put the title in his own use. His lineage has always been blessed with brilliant minds. As the earliest members of the blood line helped forge some of the greatest weapon achievements. For example: In the time of Joan of Arc, The Baron helped with the construction of the first made Crossbow. Then, in WW2 the very first operational robot was created by one Heinrich's Zemo's distant ancestors. Now, in the modern century, the blood line continues with the new Baron Zemo & his genius is among one of the highest in all of mankind. But an unfortunate sabotage of one of his experiments resulted in the disfiguration of his face. From that point on he swore vengeance upon mankind. Taking this as an insult both to him & his long bloodline. He has recently taken his research into a new revolution as he has begun creating his very own living & breathing dinosaurs. To create his own "perfect Saurians" as he calls them. With his vast intellect he has trained himself in the traditional art of combat. A tradition in his bloodline. Perfecting his effective skills with the sword, making himself a deadly mastered of hand to hand and/or armed combat. With his advanced mind & capability of creating his very own dinosaurs, Zemo has since had an interest in showing off his power to the world by participating in the JFC tournaments. In his 7 year career he has won many a battle. Some even refer him as "The Dinosaur Master!" Soon however, his reputation & his title had soon gained the attention of the terrorist organization known as "HYDRA", in which, surprisingly, his former ancestor was a member of during WW2. A wicked man named Hemlut Zemo- His great Grandfather. His talents & his brilliance was had soon drawn the attention of the supreme leader of HYDRA- The Red Skull, who admired the Baron's vast intelligence & capabilities. Like Zemo, Skull explained, HYDRA to had a very common believe: The perfection of both human & dinosaur kind & to create the "Perfect Saurians." With this, Zemo soon agreed to join forces & become the head chair of HYDRA's Science division. His whereabouts remain a mystery. His true purpose......Unknown. But now, he seems to have grown a deep & fowl hatred for the man in which he considers his arch foe- Nathanial Rogers! The reasons for such hatred.....Are unknown.
~Traditional Outfit~

~HYDRA Uniform Outfit~
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Baron Heinrich Zemo
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