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 Killer Croc's Territory

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Killer Croc's Territory Empty
PostSubject: Killer Croc's Territory   Killer Croc's Territory EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 8:57 pm

Killer Croc's Territory Anbangbang_Billabong_Australia
A few miles away from Queensland, Australia...there is a place that few ever get to see. A stone wall was built by Australian mafia members back in 2002 and it stretched over 28 miles in a complete circle. Why is was built is unknown to many, but the only way inside is by boat through a crocodile infested river system. You will then see a lush expanse of the richest Australian environment, filled with trees and natural foliage. Traveling further up the river, you will enter into a marsh-like billabong, which is surrounded by natural wildlife...you may even see or hear one of the dinosaurian inhabitants. And after about 25 to 30 minutes, you will arrive at a cave, where there lives the monster. It has a name...Killer Croc! Nearby the cave, is a arena where visitors can do battle...pitting dinosaur against dinosaur. Obey the rules of the Croc or you may not be able to leave...you may find yourself in a terrible situation against Australia's saltwater crocodile. You have been warned!
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Killer Croc's Territory
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